Want to know a bit more about the people working behind-the-scenes on your favourite shopping site (ahem, hardtofind)? Our new ‘Meet the HTF team’ posts are gonna introduce you to the clever clogs bringing you awesome buys around the clock. Stand by…


What did you want to be when you grew up? A nurse! How times have changed.

And now you’re a Marketing Manager. What does a Marketing Manager do? I run in-house marketing for our awesome sellers, manage external marketing campaigns (like our nifty little catalogues), as well as working closely with Erica and the rest of the team on new, creative marketing concepts. Just to name a few…

Best part of your job? The hilarious and super-talented team (and being able to dress as casually as I like).

Er, not-the-best part of your job? The sponge in the shared kitchen – rank.

What’s your career motto? “Done is better than perfect.” Oh and I read a great one on Insta the other day: “One day, or day one – you decide.” Punchy right?

What advice can you offer someone who wants a job like yours? Intern at a place where you want to work – connections will be your best ally when job hunting.

Time for a quickie…

What’s a nickname someone has given you? Chicky (thanks, Mum and Dad!).

Emoji that best describes you?  😜

In a movie about your life, who plays you? Reese Witherspoon – I love her energy! She’s just released her own clothing line. Oh, and her performance in Legally Blonde?! Outstanding. Or Margot Robbie, also love her.

Ultimate shopping weakness? Bikinis and shoes.

One thing you’ve done that you wish you didn’t? Rock a My Chemical Romance band tee for most of year 9.

What’s your go-to karaoke jam? Celine Dion – It’s All Coming Back To Me Now.

Cheese or chocolate? Cheese, always.


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