When it comes to interior trends, our friends at Australian House & Garden magazine know their stuff. (Seriously, if there was a pub trivia on bookshelf styling, these guys would take the winning booze vouchers every week.) So, it just made sense that we’d get them on board to let us in on the most this-minute fashion and homewares trends – and the hardtofind buys you’ll be needing to get the look. Check it out below for a snippet of the Australian House & Garden edit, then click here for the full shebang. You’re gonna look so 2017…


The trend: Sea foam

1. Wooden Geometric Maxi Tea Light Holder 2. Nio Mist Quilt Cover 3. ‘Scenic Route’ Extra Large Travel Pouch  4. Blonde Timber & Clay Necklace 5. Aqua Palms Photography Print 6. Loop Two-Seater


The trend: Nature’s gifts

1. Koshi Felt Multi-Purpose Sack 2. Waterhyacinth Organic Open Weave Baskets 3. Grey Felt Laptop Case 4. Pirka Felt Ball Ottoman 5. Tribal Bath Mat 6. Weave Bowl


The trend: Folk bohemian

1. Indigo’s Heart Lounge Pants 2. Byzantine Gold Earrings 3. Crochet Coasters 4. Gypsy Top  5. Emilia Ikat Pants 6. Circle Tie Dye Cushion Cover


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