Erin, our PR and Marketing Co-ordinator, finds buying for her mum a cinch. Over the years she’s learnt the difference between gifts her mum really loves, and the ones she accepts with her trademark kindness and good grace! Here’s what would make her mum Jo-Anne’s ‘very happy to see’ list.

A house-proud wine appreciator’s Mother’s Day wish list

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As far as gift recipients go, boy do I have it good with my mum (Jo-Anne). She’s both gracious and appreciative of almost every gift she receives, which can sometimes mean you don’t know whether she actually likes it, or if she’s just being the super-nice person she so naturally is! But I think the main reason I find her so easy to buy for is because we’re so similar. She loves the excitement of having something new (which is probably where I get my shopping habit from), especially chunky jewellery and statement home accessories. Mum is always psyched to unwrap something from a special someone. Especially when that someone is her favourite daughter, hehe.

The Facts

to keep your brows tamed and your house full of puppies.

 me! Oh and a darn good cappuccino.

 listening, she’s my go-to for a good ol’ fashion yarn.

Word on my mother

Mum fancies herself a bit of an interior designer. The family home has coffee tables stacked high with inspirational home magazines, which were brought to life in the newly-built kitchen that she ‘designed all by herself’. It goes like this: Mum designs it and Dad builds it. It’s gospel. She’s got great taste and an eye for upcoming trends: she’s currently style-crushing on copper ornaments. Her wish list would appeal to all house-proud mums with a eye for style and a appetite for hearty homemade cooking.

Gifts that would make Jo-Anne’s day

Hint hint, Erin: I love purples, blues and greens (can you tell?) so the scarf, bed linen and vase print are a winning combination!

BLOG_Erin's mum

  1. Painterly scarf, $55
  2. Copper-plated station-style alarm clock, $49
  3. Naava quilt cover set, from $159.95
  4. Trio mint copper cushion, $49.95
  5. Menu Norm wine breather carafe, $155
  6. Round serving board, $39.95
  7. Table runner in wheat, $50
  8. Coin purse in giraffe, $39.99
  9. Sterling silver and pearl ring, $95
  10. Decorative Vase No.2 framed print, $149.25 (down from $199)

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