An April Idea
Illustrator and calligrapher Jessie Miles is the talent behind gorgeous stationery range An April Idea. Pictured top: giant gift tags (set of 8), $15. Above: ‘thank you’ gift cards (pack of 4), $24. Shop the collection here.
An April Idea
Pictured top: greeting cards in various designs (sold  in packs of 4), $24. Above: ‘home sweet home’ print, $19.95. Shop the collection here.
An April Idea
Pictured top: ‘lightbulb’ bookmark (part of a set of 6), $12. Above left: ‘confetti’ invitations (set of 10), $29.95. Above right: ‘love flower’ gift tags (pack of 6), $12. Shop the collection here.
An April Idea
Jessie Miles describes her style as natural, warm, whimsical and understated.

She’s no fool: An April Idea creator Jessie Miles

It began with an adorable illustration of two kids in animal costumes, but soon Canberran Jessie Miles turned her warm, whimsical designs into an oh-so-cute stationery range. An accomplished calligrapher, she’s also the talent behind the hardtofind. thank you cards. Jessie took a few minutes to tell us a bit about her gorgeous, understated style.

AN APRIL IDEA started as an illustration called ‘Moose Loves Raccoon‘, which I drew for an art show at Uni that never ended up happening. When the opportunity came up to design my own card range, I remembered these little guys and decided to use them. All my designs have all really evolved from there.

I DIDN’T REALISE I WAS A STATIONERY LOVER until I started designing this range. I (silly enough) had never put the two together. But looking back, I realised I always HAD to have beautiful cards and wrapping paper and notepads in my house.

I FIND INSPIRATION IN SO MANY THINGS – vintage photographs and labels, nature (especially leaves and dying grass for some reason), even random patterns in the horrible 1980s tiles in my grandma’s house! They spark an idea in my mind and a design flows from there.

I LIKE CREATING ILLUSTRATIONS AND CALLIGRAPHY SCRIPTS EQUALLY. They are both difficult and easy for different reasons and I like the variety of the different elements. When I am struggling with one, I find if I take a break and go to the other and it seems to flow more easily.

I LOVE THAT THERE ARE NO LIMITS OR RULES to what I do – only the ones I set for myself. There is no right or wrong, just people’s perception. I do my own thing and am so lucky that people like the end product!

I LOVE MY ‘MOOSE’ NOTEBOOK THE MOST. He is my favourite character. I don’t know if it’s because he’s super cute or because that is the nickname I have for my husband. I also love hearing which designs other people like the most, because it’s never the same as my favourites.

IF I HAD TO GIVE ADVICE TO OTHER ILLUSTRATORS, I’d say “be true to your style”. There is already so much out there, that people can tell if you are trying to copy someone or something. But when it’s new and unique, people really respond to that!

Shop the entire An April Idea range on hardtofind. here.

An April Idea
Pictured top: ‘penguin’ bookmark (part of a set of 6), $12. Above: Jessie’s cute collection includes gift tags, notepads, greeting cards, bookmarks and more. Shop the collection here.
hardtofind. packaging
Jessie Miles created our beautiful hardtofind. thank you cards. Have you received one yet?

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