Get your calendars out because Record Store Day is on Saturday, April 21. With independently owned stores around the globe taking part, it’s a chance to celebrate the unique culture of the record store – and a chance to snap up some vinyl gems.

Not sure what you’re looking for? We hit up Sean, the guy in charge of audio at Crosley seller iWorld Australia, for his top tips about shopping for vinyl – whether you love that old-school sound or you’re yet to discover it…


So, Sean, we hear you and vinyl go waaaaay back…

I’ve been collecting vinyl since I was 10. Back then, in ’92, all I wanted to do was be a DJ and eventually played at underage clubs around Melbourne. Vinyl was the only way, as CD mixers were not on the scene yet.


What do you think has been behind this record resurgence?

Nothing beats holding music in your hand. The novelty of having the artwork and something to keep will never die. Also, I think people are starting to realise there is a big difference sonically. Artists design their music sometimes for you to hear the human side and sometimes the imperfections are what make a song. Vinyl just feels so much warmer and personal than just streaming a high-quality file.


Okay, five all-time favourite vinyl records. Go!

This will probably change every week, but right now my all-time Top 5 would be…

  • Off The Wall – Michael Jackson
  • Abbey Road – The Beatles
  • Songs In The Key Of Life – Stevie Wonder
  • Nevermind – Nirvana
  • Blackstreet – Blackstreet


This one’s for the vinyl first-timers! What should be their first record player, and what should they play on it?

First-timers usually want something easy to use, with all the trimmings. The Crosley T100 comes with speakers and a Bluetooth receiver – also, the range of colours will suit your bedroom/house. Once you have that, you need to throw on Michael Jackson’s Thriller album. Produced with vinyl being the only way for people to hear it back then, there is still nothing that comes close to that sound!


What will you’ll be hoping to find for your collection on Record Store Day?

I’m really into the old Soul/Motown sound at the moment. I love sitting back at home on a Sunday listening to it. I would love to stumble across something from Donny Hathaway or The Four Tops.


Any tips for unearthing something fantastic?

My trick is search like a mad man, then hold on to your favourites before they get snatched up. When you get to the counter you can decide what makes the cut, but at least you don’t miss out! Also, don’t be afraid to buy an album where you only know one or two songs. Sometimes it’s the album fillers that are the hidden gems on records.


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