Quick question: How do you wake up in the morning? If you answered ‘the mildly irritating Radar tone on my iPhone alarm’ then, man, have we got some not-so-good news for you. A study conducted by US researchers found that sleeping with your smartphone can be detrimental to your snoozing.

Scientists monitored the screen-time and sleeping habits of a bunch of participants over a 30-day period and found that more time spent staring at a screen around bedtime was associated with poor sleep quality and decreased sleep efficiency. But that’s not all – a seperate UK survey found that one in three people check their phones in the middle of the night. So, all that Instagram scrolling you do under the covers? Great for your followers collecting late-night likes, but not ideal for your shut-eye.

Before you feed us that old ‘but my phone is my alarm’ line excuse, let us give you an easy old-fashioned solution that comes straight from Grandma Betty’s house and can fix this prob for less than fifty clams: GET AN ALARM CLOCK. Look for a silent-sweep design (no annoying ticking) and one with an easy on-off function (because life is hard enough in the mornings), then go put your phone in the kitchen and get ready for the sweetest forty winks you ever had. You can thank us later…



1. Gold-Plated Station-style Alarm Clock 2. Amsterdam Block Alarm Clock 3. Flip Alarm Clock 4. Toki Liv Silent Sweep Alarm Clock 5. Hexagon Concrete Alarm Clock 6. London Clock Company Buzz Silent Alarm Clock


PS. Working out can also help you sleep and could your closet use a clean-out?

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