Imagine a life where you never have to wait at the airport baggage carousel, you never run the risk of losing your luggage, and getting around town is a cinch because the only thing weighing you down is a carry-on bag. Well, it doesn’t matter if you’re travelling OS for three weeks or interstate for six days, you could be living this life, if you follow our tips for packing light.


Everything goes with everything.

Got a floral top that only goes with jeans? Leave. It. At. Home. As a rule of thumb, every top should work with every bottom – think neutral tees, shirts you can layer, versatile bottoms (jeans and denim shorts, we’re looking at you), and comfortable, wear-with-anything shoes. Being able to mix and match mean you won’t always we wearing the same outfits in your Insta shots.


Consider your fashion choices.

Low-maintenance is the name of the packing-light game. Pick clothing that’s quick-drying, durable, doesn’t get dirty or stain easily, and won’t wrinkle after 10 minutes in your suitcase. Sorry, but that probably means your sheer white shirt is out of contention.


Don’t play the ‘what if’ game.

Unless you’re hiking in the wilderness, Bear Grylls-style, there’s little point in packing for unlikely ‘just in case’ scenarios. If you do happen to find yourself shivering on the streets of New York in July, thanks to an unseasonable cold snap, a Forever 21 is rarely more than a block away.


Roll your clothes.

Rolling is the easiest way to condense your travel wardrobe – but try to resist temptation to fill your bag. Just like a sleeping bag that never seems to go back in the bag as seamlessly as it came out, re-packing your suitcase can be a tricky game, so leave some space. Also, shopping.


Be a minimalist with toiletries.

Think of your travel time as an opportunity for a beauty detox. You don’t need to recreate your regular regimen on the road – you just need your daily essentials and enough to put on a basic ‘holiday face’. And for the love of mascara, downsize your prods. You can re-stock in transit.


Only take enough for seven days.

A week’s worth of clothing should be plenty to see you through just about any trip – with some help from your friend Laundry Facilities.


Pack it all in one of these…


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