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So you're a little crazy about chai huh?!?
Well of course you are! You re only human.
I too am a little crazy (aka completely nuts) about chai tea.
That's why I've dedicated my life to making you the most delicious chai in town (when I say town, of course, I mean The Universe).
Now you and I both know not all chais are created equally.
It's not a matter of throwing a few lonely spices in with some tea and calling it "chai" {insert horrified gasp}. There is an art to making great chai. You need passion, love and a whole lotta spice. Which leaves room for just the right amount of tea.
Real Chai is all about really great tasting chai. It's that simple.
RealChai an independent Australian company, formed in 2008, specialising in unique boutique spiced tea blends. We exist to share the magical experience of drinking really good chai. 100% natural, hand-blended with love the way chai should be.
Real Chai contains only real tea and real spices. There is nothing artificial. No flavours, colours, or any other hidden nasties. Just great tasting tea packed with exotic spices for you to enjoy.
Is there a secret ingredient? Yes. Love. Real Chai is hand-blended with love. It's made for chai lovers by a chai lover and you CAN taste the difference. RealChai is a new and much-needed addition to the Australian Chai market, raising the bar when it comes to taste and satisfaction.
RealChai was born out of a desire to satisfy my own taste buds. After discovering chai overseas and returning home I couldn't find anything that compared to my exotic travel experience. So I took matters into my own hands and started creating my own blends for people to make at home. We have developed a legion of devoted happy RealChai lovers but there was something still buggin' me...
Fast forward a few years and I have now tackled the problem of what I call "crimes against chai" in cafes. I have now designed a tailored made chai that is perfect for brewing in busy cafes... (again kinda selfishly - so I can get great chai when I go out) but the benefits are for everyone :-)

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by Real Chai



Fresh Honey Chai - 1kg

by Real Chai



Organic Chai Latte - 1kg

by Real Chai



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