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Marie and Alison met when their children were toddling around and that's when the foundations of meminio began. As very busy parents, we wanted to capture the moments that mattered so we created simple ways of cherishing and sharing those all too precious memories of our children's lives.

meminio made sense to us as it means to remember and that's exactly what they do.

A magical moment for us was when we watched our children looking through their Memory Cases for the first time in amazement; "my feet were so small!", "I can't believe I still have this" and "I remember that", what they loved the most is the story that goes alongside every part of their journey and now we cherish that family time we have together.

We want to help parents to be able to sit with their children, really connecting by looking back over the awards they have achieved or reminiscing about how small they were. We believe family time is magical and in busy lives it must not be forgotten. Our products help make the magic happen.

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