Dermalume believes in all-inclusive beauty. The kind of skin and body care that makes you feel confident, empowered, and yes, beautiful - however you look, wherever you live, whatever you do and whoever you are.
They are for the explorer, the adventurous souls who seek escape in all its forms. Whether they find it on the opposite end of the world or simply in a virtual retreat from everyday life - through a luxurious lotion that transports their mind where their body would prefer to be.
Dermalume wants to reclaim the conversation when it comes to self-care, and talk to women across every corner of the earth. That's why they have taken a global journey when creating their products. After all, how can they deliver diversity if they don't start with themselves?
Their heritage is rooted in the town of Grasse, France, where master perfumer Francois was born.
Surrounded by the salty sea air and velvety florals that dotted the fields of the French Riviera he was inspired to create a library of fragrances that recognised the many faces women wear. His quest came to be supported by a serendipitous meeting with an intrepid backpacker named Luna - a moon-chasing muse whose travels had taken her through the rainforests of Hawaii, the pomegranate-filled souks of Morocco, the citrus groves of Sorrento, the honey hives of Brazil and finally, the rose fields of Marseille - before she prepared to navigate her way to her next destination - Australia.
Searching for a tangible memory of her adventures, she dabbed Francois' scents on her wrists and boarded her flight to Sydney, where fate intervened and seated here next to a scientist named Margaret. And, while not immediately obvious, the two women had so much more in common than they realised.
Anything but mad, Margaret loved creating magic in her laboratory. In particular, she had a passion for applying her professional clinical work to find practical solutions - and one that had been brewing in her mind for a while was a beautiful, indulgent, luxurious treatment that would momentarily carry her away from her lab, and also treat the red, itching, dry hands that served as symbols of her hard work.
Drawn to the notes that lingered around her fellow passenger, Margaret struck up a conversation with the glowing, spirited Luna, and by the time they had landed in the Harbour City, the seeds of Dermalume skincare had been planted. Retreating to her office, Margaret went to work on a product that would combine Francois' fragrances with her own expertise in scientific research.
After much mixing and manufacturing, she was ready to reveal the final result - Dermalume's five unique hand therapies. Each one? Designed to place a dream destination in the palms of the users while also leaving them silky smooth!
Today, Dermalume's range of pure natural skin care products - which has since expanded to masks and essential oils - proudly embraces their French roots, adapts them to Australia's sunkissed landscapes and perfects them for women from all walks of life.

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