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In this era where we use our phone cameras to check our reflection, the compact mirror has become something of a throwback but definitely not obsolete. First and foremost, mirrors are much more accurate than phone screens and camera images, and second, nothing is more elegant than whipping out this small, slim item to touch up your lipstick.

At Hardtofind, we sell personalised compact mirrors that are perfect as a unique gift for a stylish woman. Simply visit our website and choose from our collection of small mirrors for makeup. Once you click your desired product, fill out the personalisation form with the message (or name) you want to be engraved on its surface.

Some sellers even allow you to choose the shape and colour for your personalised portable mirror.

For more gift ideas for women, visit our website and click ‘Gift’ on the navigation menu. A drop-down menu will then show more options, including ‘Gifts for her’, which you can select if you’re specifically looking for personalised gift products for your mum, sister, daughter, or any friend who you think will fancy the collection found here.

What is a compact mirror used for?

A compact mirror, also called a travel mirror, is an essential item that stylish and hygienic people should have on them at all times. It’s often seen as a must-have makeup accessory, allowing you to touch up your lipstick, remove the sheen on your face with a blotting paper, or make sure that your teeth are free from the last meal you just ate (some compacts have one normal mirror and a close-up mirror on the other side). Simply put, this handy item helps you look presentable.

A makeup compact mirror can also showcase your style; after all, it is a statement piece any stylish woman should have. Whether you’re looking for a vintage-style pocket mirror or something with a flashier cover, you can always find the right piece at Hardtofind – an online store where hundreds of artisans, independent studios, and hole-in-the-wall retailers sell quality products you won’t find anywhere else.

You may not be aware of it, but you can also use your compact mirror to store small items like mints, clips and other small hair accessories, stud earrings, rings, and other small jewellery. Some women even transform their double compact mirror into a small photo holder, much like a keepsake for them to carry in their handbag.

Another creative way to use compact mirrors is to hang them on your wall. While they are usually toted around, you can turn them into mini photo frames or simply just hang multiple mirrors of different sizes, shapes, and colours to make a stunning statement wall.

How to choose the right compact mirror?

Whether you’re looking for a compact mirror for your personal use or as a unique gift to a loved one, there are must-have features that you should always keep in mind. In general, it should be small and thin enough to fit in your bag and have a foldable design to protect the mirror from scratches and smudges.

At Hardtofind, we sell ultra-portable compacts that can be a handy everyday companion to help you touch up your hair and cosmetics on the go.

If you’re specifically looking for a compact mirror as a gift, make sure that you fill out our personalisation form, which you can find on the detail product page. And before you complete your checkout, double-check whatever you’ve written (e.g., names, messages, anniversary dates, etc.) for misspelling and errors.

Once you’re sure of your order, click the checkout button and wait for your parcel to arrive within days or weeks, depending on where your compact mirror is shipped from. To check the delivery timeframe, sign in to our website and go to ‘My orders’. Next, click on your order and there you’ll find the delivery details. Another option is to select the ‘Track my order’ link to track your parcel if you availed of this option from the seller.

How to clean a compact mirror?

The right way to clean a compact mirror depends primarily on what type of material it is made of. For instance, compacts made of brass are ideally cleaned and polished with a microfibre cloth and a small amount of mild soapy water if you want to remove the tarnish. Meanwhile, avoid abrasive metal cleaner as this could damage their surface.

And for compacts made of PVC, plastic, and wood, a microfibre cloth can also do the trick. To remove the smudges and dust on the mirror, use a clean, soft cloth. Never use water or spray polish as this may damage the silver on its back. Remember: moisture is bad for the mirror, so don’t store them in plastic bags as this creates condensation.

Now that you know how to choose the right compact mirror and how to take care of it, the next step is to visit Hardtofind and choose from our extensive collection of compacts that come in different shapes, sizes, colours, embellishments, and materials (e.g., brass, silver-plated, birch plywood, and PVC).

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