Your bedroom is the second most important room in the house – after the kitchen (which has the fridge in it’s favour), it’s probably where you do most of your enjoyable leisure activities (read: sleeping, binging on Netflix, late-night snacking). So it makes sense that your bedroom ought to be a place where you want to spend time (preferably seven to eight hours a night), whether that’s a calm relaxing retreat, a soft, romantic space or a moody, jewel-toned haven…


Cool and calm

The key to keeping things chill is not going OTT on colours or prints – think a calming palette of soft hues (we love a minty green, dusky blue and peach combo) and keep patterns minimal. Light a candle and chuck some zen tunes on your Spotify playlist to go the whole hog.

1. Horizons Duvet 2. Adrian Quilt In Charcoal 3. Nio Mist European Pillowcase 4. Peachy Keen Candle



Shades of pink, cream and grey in soft textures (silk and linen and cable knits, oh my!) create a modern romantic vibe. Mix in timber, concrete and copper accents to make it feel more grown-up, and less like a 15-year-old’s girly paradise.

1. Maison Fringe Rose Dust Quilt Cover 2. Frost Throw in White 3. Silk Pillowcase 4. Pure Linen Bed Sheet Set in Peony Pink



This look is all about the clash. Not for the timid decorator, it calls for bold floral prints, bright colour and maybe some fresh green sheets that subtly play into the garden-in-full-bloom look.

1. Grace 3-piece Quilt Cover Set 2. Giselle Cushion 3. Pink Peony Art Print 4. Bamboo Daydream Sheet Set



If your wardrobe is black, black, black with a little hint of grey to spice things up, you’re gonna want to embrace a similarly monochromatic look in the boudoir. Get a bit creative (you wild thing!) with prints and texture – and maybe a playful pillowcase to bring the understated LOLs.

1. Pure Linen Quilt Cover Set in Storm Charcoal 2. ‘Everything Is Better In Pyjamas’ Pillowcase 3. Mason Waffle Knit Throw 4. Bed Sheet Set in Lotta


Rich tones

Emeralds, rubies and sapphires are great additions to your jewellery box, but they can also work wonders in your decor. Rich jewel tones lend a dark, moody sophistication that says ‘I am glamorous, I am decadent and there’s a good chance my middle name is Luxury.’

1. Brita Sweden Rainy Days Duvet Set 2. Frost Throw in Red Wine 3. Velvet Sky Euro Pillowcase 4. Pure Linen Bed Sheet in Deep Sea


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