Something the whole hardtofind team have in common? We love to travel! Whether it’s jetting off to Palm Springs for Coachella (ahem, Georgia!), heading off for a European jaunt (*cough* Marty *cough* Giorgii *cough*) or flying the family to Hawaii (we’re looking at you, Eri!), we’re all about cashing in our annual leave days for memory-making trips. So, it stands to reason we might have a few travel nuggets up our sleeve – and we’re gonna share them right here. Hold onto your souvenir hats, people, because here are our top travel tips…


“I always pack a public loo kit – it’s basically a travel pack of disinfectant wipes, tissues and a travel-sized hand sanitiser in a mini wash bag. So, no matter where my kids have to go, I’ve got it sorted!” – Eri, founder

“Headphones, headphones, headphones. Okay, you probably only need one pair but for the love of your sanity on a long-distance flight, don’t rely on those flimsy free ones they give you in economy – invest in comfy headphones that will block out the drone of your fellow passengers and really make the most of the in-flight movies. I also make sure I have a downloaded guided relaxation on my phone for when it’s time to catch 40 winks. Even if I can’t fall asleep, listening to it will usually put me in a relaxing state.” – Alice, head of content

“Local knowledge is best for neighbourhoods off the beaten path! I take a day to explore them – it’s how I find the best stores, restaurants and bars in a new city.” – Fordo, curation manager

“Why go direct when you can connect? I try to break up long international flights with connections and incorporate a day-or-two stopover in between. My two favourites destinations for a 24-hour stopover are Dubai and Singapore – there’s lots to see in a short amount of time!” – Martin, head of customer experience

Don’t overpack! You want to save room for those ‘bought this in New York’ items. If you’re going to the US and planning to do a lot of shopping, you can usually check two pieces of baggage, so pack an empty duffle to fill up with purchases and you can check it as your second bag on the way back.” – Georgia, graphic designer

“For long-haul flights, I swear by Salt Lab. magnesium spray – it helps prevent restless legs, which are otherwise inevitable when you’re crammed into economy… (I always hope for a vacant seat next to me but this rarely happens!) I also take my S’well bottle and fill it with water to stay hydrated. This means I don’t have to bug the air hostess every five minutes for a (non-environmentally friendly) plastic cup of water. I highly recommend a couple of glasses of red wine to wash down the plane food, too – I’m probably in the minority when I say that I actually love plane food and the whole meal-time experience. Happy travels!” – Sarah, seller production manager


Essentials to make your next trip easier…

1. See View Leather Travel Folio 2. Infinity Travel Pillow


3. B&O Play H4 Wireless Over-Ear Headphones 4. Personalised Leather Wash Bag with Zip


5. ‘Ridiculously Good Looking’ Wash Bag 6. All Natural Toiletries Travel Kit


7. Deep Leather Duffle in Vintage Brown 8. Memobottle Slimline Water Bottle


9. Personalised Leather Luggage Tags 10. Travel Wallet


11. Active Microfibre Towel 12. Handcrafted Luxury Leather Tech Case


13. Personalised Handwriting Passport Cover 14. Round the World Travel Adapter


PS. Download this playlist pre-flight and in case you do some shopping on vacay…

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