It’s always fun meeting new people, which is why we came up with the idea of The HTF Hot Seat – a regular post to introduce you to the creative dynamites behind some of your favourite hardtofind products. This week’s seller in the spotlight: Zara and Michael from The Everleigh Bottling Co.


We’re known on hardtofind for our… bottled cocktails – The Everleigh Bottling Co.’s ‘Famous Four’ collection: the Martini, Negroni, Manhattan and Old Fashioned.

Right now we’re inspired by… classic cocktail books. Some of the oldest items in our collection provide such fantastic inspiration for the products we’re working on today – pebbled leather-bound covers and gold foil, beautiful typography and quirky unique fonts. Swoon!

Our favourite part of the making process is… the enthusiasm and excitement shared by our team, all focussed upon pushing the boundaries to do better, and more. No one at The Everleigh Bottling Co. is complacent for a moment. We work hard and fast. It’s wonderful to be part of a team that is so driven to achieve the same goals.

We work from… between our HQ office in Collingwood, Melbourne, and our bars in Fitzroy (The Everleigh) and the CBD (Heartbreaker). We’re always running to and fro for meetings, it certainly keeps things interesting!

A typical day for us involves… being up at 6.30am! Most days Michael’s straight to the gym and heads from there directly to the office or to the bars, wherever he’s needed. I feed the ‘pups’ (kitten and puppy), make something healthy for breakfast, like a spinach omelette or chia porridge, and head over to the office. Our puppy comes to work with us every day which is really nice. It creates a great working dynamic for the team, also. Often we’ll have an hour to ourselves for general admin and email catch up, before heading into meetings. Normally at least once a day we have an intro with either a new client, or someone we’ve worked with previously, to discuss a new event, collab, or partnership. The injection of something new and creative daily is really invigorating. We usually work through until 6 or 7pm. Often we’ll pass by one of the bars on our way home to check in and see that everyone’s happy and things are running smoothly. An ideal evening for us is back home on the couch. We’re often out at events and social gigs for work, around people an awful lot, so it’s nice to chill on our own when we have the chance. Michael is a great cook, so he’ll be preparing something delicious (mostly Italian food) in the kitchen while I pick a movie or new show to watch. We get a couple of hours downtime before we hit the hay.

Our proudest business moment was… The Everleigh Bottling Co. is still a fairly new company, and it has grown so fast already. When we were first contacted by our current retail partners, we had only just finalised the design you see today. Having some of our favourite iconic stores contact us to see if we might consider selling them our products was truly amazing! It feels like we haven’t taken a breath since that day!

When we started our business, we wish we’d known… anything! Everything! We’re still learning every day. I guess that’s the fun of it all?!

We’d describe our personal style as… eclectic! I love the ’60s and ’70s for fashion, especially in winter – woolen tights, plaid minis, faux fur, flared jeans. I have more jumpsuits and playsuits than any other item of clothing. Michael is a loyal fan of Red Wing boots and Filson luggage. He’s also an avid watch collector.

Our last purchase was… Michael bought me a vintage IWC watch! He won it in an auction. It’s from the ’60s and it’s in great condition. My last purchase was more practical than exciting – some leggings for yoga, but damn they’re comfy!

The first thing we do when we wake up is… spoon the puppy (sorry not sorry). He’s so lazy in the mornings and it’s almost impossible to get out of bed when he doesn’t want to!

The motto we live by is… it’s important to take personal responsibility – be accountable and reliable, be prompt. Hospitality is our lives, so we value good service and quality of care for others above all else. It pays to be honest and act with integrity. It also helps if you have a good sense of humour.

We’re hoping 2017 will bring… new ranges for The Everleigh Bottling Co.! This year we will release two new collections following the flagship ‘Famous Four’. Both have been a long time in the making and we’re beyond excited to see them finally come to fruition. Stay tuned!

Everything tastes better with a little… splash of excellent wine, naturally.


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