It’s always fun meeting new people, which is why we came up with the idea of The HTF Hot Seat – a regular post to introduce you to the creative dynamites behind some of your favourite hardtofind products. This week’s seller in the spotlight: Jacob Pod, the fictional founder of Aussie coffee seller Jacob Pod.


I’m known on hardtofind for my… tasty, organic caffeinated creations and carefully curated facial hair that is useful for pensive, mid-conversation stroking and as facial insulation on emotionless winter hikes.

Right now I’m inspired by… the fact that there is a mannequin driving a sports car through deep space, while David Bowie’s ‘Life on Mars’ blares out of its sound system. Its humankind letting the universe know that the loud, annoying neighbours just arrived.

My favourite part of the making process is… ideation, percolating on concepts and moods. Seeing throw-away lines from late night conversations in Buenos Aires dive bars become actual products that people know and love.

I work from… wherever I can get an internet connection. A roadside bus stop in Kenya, a co-working space in Brooklyn, my parent’s basement that I’ll one day move out of. Anywhere.

A typical day for me involves… Googling early Britney Spears music videos and wondering where it all went wrong. Also fulfilling coffee orders for our amazing customers and liaising with suppliers from around the world.

My proudest business moment was… getting my first order from someone other than a direct relative and realising that the last few years of my life had not been a horrible waste of time.

When I started my business, I wish I’d known… that the objective was to make money. That would have changed everything.

I’d describe my personal style as… failed urban forager, faux-lumberjack, non-apologetic coffee nerd. Less ‘man versus wild’, more ‘man battling to find a hair product that survives the rigours of a sweaty dancefloor after dark.’

My last purchase was… A pair of knee length jean shorts and some New Balance trainers so that I can walk around looking like an undercover policeman at a rave.

The first thing I do when I wake up is… Wonder why I’m half-naked in Lima handcuffed to an angry guinea pig in what an overzealous real estate agent would describe as a ‘charming fixer upper’, but my mum would call a ‘death trap’. While memories of last night aren’t clear, an unexpected wedding ring and a fresh tattoo of last night’s taxi driver straddling a unicorn on my chest tells me something happened. Nothing, of course, a good coffee can’t fix.

The motto I live by is… while the jury may be out on if money can buy happiness, you can always purchase a coffee, and that’s pretty damn close.

I’m hoping 2018 will bring… an end to the restraining order Bear Grylls placed on me for arriving on-set asking if he really does drink his own urine in the jungle.

Everything tastes better with a little… coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.


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