jessica brennan
Left: Chanel colour, from $55. Right: Modèle, from $55.
jessica brennan
Left: Pink fashion illustration, from $55. Right: Ice cream, from $55
jessica brennan
Artist Jessica Brennan

Original art: Aussie artist Jessica Brennan

Lipstick, Chanel bottles, models – we just can’t get enough of Jessica Brennan’s fashion-inspired sketch-style prints. Professionally trained as a graphic designer, Jessica’s ink illustrations and watercolours show strong graphic design sensibilities and influences, resulting in vivid and expressive artworks. Jessica spoke with us about her creative process and the importance of trusting your instincts.

What sparked your interest with illustration?
I’ve always loved “mark making” as a way of expression and have drawn or created things since I was little. My passion only grew as I discovered traditional artists and felt excited by the challenge of trying to match my skills to those of the masters.

Where do you find inspiration for your drawings?
I am inspired constantly to simply create things. Sometimes it could be as simple as a new paintbrush or a blank spot on the wall. I think I feed off creating images and seeing them to my version of completion. I love the process and it always feels like I am solving some kind of problem.

Which is your favourite artwork?
I actually quite love the perfume bottle illustration I created as an experiment. It really feels like a perfect representation of my illustration and graphic design skills moulding together.

What’s best part of your job?
I value having control over my original work and have found the best part of my job so far to be having the flexibility to experiment with my ideas.

Watercolour or ink?
Oooh I love both!  Both materials have such a richness in colour, spontaneity and flexibility. I have only started using watercolour more recently, so I guess that’s why they have such an appeal to me at the moment.

Any advice for aspiring artists?
It’s really important as an artist to trust your instincts and be yourself. Networking is also important, not only for developing as a business and individual, but also for making your journey as an artist more fun!

Finish this sentence: On my days off… 
I still love to play with paint!

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jessica brennan_art in progress
Jessica uses inks and watercolours in her works.

jessica brennan

jessica brennan
Fashion is a big inspiration for Jessica.
jessica brennan
Left: L’amour, from $55. Right: Lipsticks, from $55.
jessica brennan
Left: Sun, from $55. Right: Legs, from $55.

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