Personalised Mother’s Day gift ideas

Non-personalised gift reaction: You didn’t need to! It’s beautiful!
Personalised gift reaction: *moved silence, wipes away tear*

Today’s hot hint: aim for the second one.

If you’re looking for a sure-fire, properly touching Mother’s Day present this year (and if not – why not?), then your answer is all in a name. Add yours and your mum’s – ‘Mum’ is indeed a legitimate option – with touches of what makes her distinctly her, and you’ve got a hit gift on your hands.

Personalisation elevates an already beautiful item to memento-status – something extra meaningful that will hit her in the heart (and the tear ducts) every time she looks at it. It’s a small touch that speaks volumes. That shows the extra effort you’ve made (without it really being much effort at all).

Mother's Day personalised homeware gifts
Personalised home gifts make it easy to put your mum in the picture.

1. Personalised ‘Mum I Love You Because’ jigsaw, $34
2. ‘Where the best food is made’ personalised tea towel, $39
3. Personalised kid’s writing cheeseboard set with knives, $92.99
4. Personalised silver plated vintage cheese fork markers, $62
5. Personalised bicycle notebook, $29.95
6. Personalised framed artwork print, $99
7. Personalised butterfly framed art, $75

After the years our mums have spent reassuring us that we’re all special little snowflakes, it’s time to say, once and for all, “You’re a one-off, and I couldn’t love you more”.

So choose something you know she’ll love – to wear, or to have around her home – and speak from the heart. You’ll know you’ve done the right thing when you see her reaction. And it sure beats our plan B – a signed letter that simply says:


You can save that for her card.

Mother's Day personalised jewellery
It’s her name. Personalised jewellery lets her wear it out.

1. Personalised custom vintage locket, from $89
2. Women’s personalised sterling silver family bracelet, from $109
3. Personalised map heart pendant necklace, from $81
4. Mother’s personalised acorn necklace, from $169
5. Personalised wooden sound wave locket, $84.50
6. Personalised bar necklace, $245
7. Silver-plated initial rings, $9 – available in eight letters
8. The Chloe initial collar necklace in gold, silver and rose gold, $89
9. Engrave me bangle 18ct gold-plated sterling silver, $189
10. Initial jewellery box, $119.95 – available in 16 initials

For more great personalised Mother’s Day finds, shop our Mother’s Day collection here.

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