If you have ever packed a suitcase or attempted to go minimalist and Marie Kondo your wardrobe, you’ll know all about the capsule closet: a carefully curated collection of classic fashion pieces that can be mixed and matched for seemingly endless stylish outfit options.

Well, it turns out the same theory can be applied to your jewellery. A few simple accessories can create the perfect everyday jewellery base, with room for a few bold, statement additions when the occasion calls for it! Ready to build your jewellery capsule? We’ll show you how…


The stud earrings

Invest your hard-earned moolah in a pair of earrings you can wear on the reg – the classic stud is super cute but subtle enough to be totally acceptable for your nine-to-five. Pick a style with some pizzaz (we’re looking at you, celestial studs) or opt for a simple gemstone design.

1. Rough Diamond Stud Earrings 2. Flower Stud Earrings 3. Celestial Star Moon Micro Ear Studs 4. Rose Gold Rope Ball Studs


The fine necklace

Just like your favourite jeans-and-tee combo, a fine necklace is a dependable piece of jewellery that you can wear with minimal fuss. Rock it solo for an everyday touch of luxe or layer a short dainty chain with slightly chunkier, longer necklaces.


1. Birds Sterling Silver Necklace 2. XO Kiss Hug Necklace 3. Kiss Kiss Sequin Choker 4. Hexagonal Charm Necklace


The classic watch

Yes, your smartphone can tell you the time, but it doesn’t look nearly as chic on your arm as a classic watch. Choose the right wrist candy and it won’t just make sure you get to your 3pm meeting on time, it’ll also elevate your outfits.

1. Classic Luxe Watch 2. Eleanor Gold/Black Leather Watch 3. Gold Capital Watch With Mesh Strap 4. Personalised Rose Gold Women’s Watch With Leather Band


The stacking rings

Fine rings are like a choose your own style adventure. Will you rock just one thin band on its own for a subtle statement or will you stack multiple rings for a more eye-catching effect?

1. Rose Gold Sapphire Peridot Ring 2. Fine Three Stone Ring With Pearl 3. Delicate Moonstone Stacking Ring 4. Double Circle Adjustable Ring


The statement danglers

In case you missed the memo, drop earrings are back in a big way – and the 2017 rule is ‘the bolder, the better’. Add a pair of statement ear chandeliers to your jewellery box now and next time you need to fancy up an outfit, throw them on (throw your hair up) and voilà!

1. Sirena Asymmetric Gold Earrings 2. Candytuft Earrings 3. Chandelier Deco Drop Earrings 4. Mystic Openings Earrings Large


PS. This jewellery designer creates gorgeous fine pieces and a must-have for your actual wardrobe…

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