A new year is all about new beginnings, which is why it’s kind of perfect that Pantone’s colour of 2017 is Greenery – a zesty, yellow-green shade that’s reminiscent of the first days of spring. Think fresh foliage just beginning to bloom and the reinvigorating powers of the great outdoors. Want to work a little more greenery into home and wardrobe? These lush lawn-hued buys don’t require any Don Burke-level gardening skills.

1. Three Stones Apple Green Diamantine Earrings 2. Green Vase/Jar 3. Kid’s Green And Gold Shirt 4. Wool Clogs 5. Outdoor Cushion 6. Organic Matcha Stone Ground Green Tea 7. Organic Cotton Pini-style Apron 8. Wine Is Sunlight Tea Towel 9. Morell Leather Sandals 10. Green Tea Hand & Body Wash 11. Astelia Pot Plant Enamel Pin


PS. The hottest trend for 2017 and have you heard of lagom?

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