Mother's Day gift ideas for fashion-forward mums
Fashion-forward mumspo doesn’t come much better than Cate B.

Style inspiration and gift ideas to help mums to make this baby gig look good.

The things you take for granted before you become a mum: ironed clothes. Clothes that aren’t fleece. Clothes without stains on them. Your first name, before you started being pretty much universally referred to as ‘mum’ (or, if you’ve gone down the traditional route, ‘Mrs [surname here]’).

With so many demands on mums, and so little time, it’s easy for their pre-baby identity to drift so low down the priority list as to become non-existent. But they’re in there. And – if they’re not out already – we’re here to help peel back the layers of Baby Björns and dribble cloths, and bring their stylish selves back to the fore.

1. Fashion that’s functional, too

Unless the sitter’s booked and they’re on a night out, the days of the clutch are long behind most mums. Welcome to the age of the holdall.

As far as style wins go, it’s the easiest place to start – and makes the biggest impact. Although we haven’t yet found robust psychological research on the impact of Woolies green bags on self-image, we’d hazard a guess that it’s not good. So switching up a bag can help mums walk that bit taller (albeit a little lopsided, because they’re carrying the stuff-equivalent of a small nation on one shoulder).

Clementine nappy bag by Il Tutto
Carry-all arm candy to go with mum’s pram-candy

2. Over here! Look at the shiny!

If they don’t have the time, inclination or budget for an overhaul, hiding works almost as well for most mums. Accessories – from the ancient Norse for ‘nothing to see here’ – distract and cover like fashion ninjas. They want to harness that power.

Snoods, scarves and ponchos give an instant cool-weather update while offering veritable square metres of coverage, while necklaces, rings and earrings naturally draw eyes away from offending areas and help a mum look instantly pulled-together. But maybe save the gossamer chains and dangly earrings until the initial ‘grabby phase’ is over. (They’ll be perfect for the second phase, though, which happens during the teenage years and is also known as ‘raiding your stuff’.)

BLOG_intro images2 (1)
Child-safe silicon necklaces will stand up to the most determined tugging

3. Never underestimate the feel-good factor

Beautiful scents. Nourishing oils. Soft, breathable fabrics that fall gorgeously and move with you. There’s nothing like the glow of feeling comfortable in your own skin – and clothing as your second skin – so taking extra special care of yourself, when you can, makes a big difference to lifting every mum’s look.  Nightwear and (minimal effort) skincare are their wow-them wingmen here.

As mums ourselves, we understand the give-give-give of motherhood, and the huge rewards that it brings. But we can also confidently say that, as far as our right to strut goes, our wardrobe can be the one thing that’s all about us. Guilt-free.

Style inspiration and Mother’s Day gift ideas for fashion-forward mums
Style inspiration and Mother’s Day gift ideas for fashion-forward mums
  1. Wool gloves, $59
  2. Circle pendant necklace, from $109
  3. Rose quartz necklace, $80
  4. Classic spot PJs, $69.95
  5. Argan and almond dry body oil, $39.95
  6. Angora snood scarf, $70
  7. Travel cosmetics bag, $44.95
  8. Wooden sunglasses, $145
  9. Geometric drop earrings, $82
  10. Leather iPhone 6 case, $85
  11. Sundance nail polish, $24.95
  12. Wallet and luggage tag set, $60
  13. Rose peach cushion ring, $79.95
  14. Tote bag, $360
  15. En Vogue canvas, from $295

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