As Woolies, Coles and IGA stores nix their single-use plastic bags for good, shoppers have been left with two choices: pay extra for heavy-duty plastic bags (around 15c a pop and not as peachy for the environment) or start bringing their own bags from home. If you’re conscious about cutting down your plastic use, the latter is the better option. So, what should you go for?

Cotton and canvas totes are durable, can be used hundreds of times and are easy to wash, while hemp is a strong, lightweight and biodegradable material. Another option is heavy-duty jute or hessian, which is sustainable and uses less water to grow than cotton. If you’re someone who combines errands and is prone to on-the-spot shopping, it’s a good idea to stow a fold-up polyester bag in your handbag, so you’re always prepared.

Want to ditch bags altogether? Invest in a collapsible wagon that you can use instead of a trolley and refill at the counter – it’ll make toting groceries into the house a cinch, too!


1. Fairtrade Market Bag 2. ‘Brie Happy’ Organic Eco Shopping Bag


3. Buddy Wagon Folding Trolley Cart 4. Classic Double-Handle Basket


5. ‘Smile’ 100% Jute Shopping Bag 6. LOQI Compact Reusable Bag


7. ‘London, Paris, New York, Bondi’ Tote  8. Wombat Tote Bag

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