It’s Saturday night at 7pm, are you: A) Watching a Kylie Jenner make-up tutorial to prep for your big night out, B) Putting the vino on ice and running a brush over the toilet before company arrives, or C) Getting into prime couch possie and reviewing your Netflix list? If you answered C, then read on, fellow homebody, because do we have some treats for you…


1. Ultimate Skin Spa System

Your ticket to cleaner, younger looking skin, this powerful trio of brush heads will cleanse and exfoliate, removing any make-up, dirt or dead skin (ew!). Basically, it’s a spa… in your house.


2. Australian Gin Tasting Set

Ever thought, ‘I wish I could go on a blind gin tasting of 12 Aussie distilleries without actually leaving my home…’ Well, good news – you can totally do that with this neatly-packaged kit.


3. Silent Sweep Wall Clock

Handy for timing naps and telling you when you’ve been bingeing The Office for waaaay too long, this simple, stylish wall clock has a silent sweep mechanism, which means you’ll never get annoyed at the sound of it tick tocking.


4. Dinosaur Bottle Opener

Perfect for cracking the lid on a coldie, this T-Rex bites off bottle tops with the greatest of ease. Bonus: He doubles as a little friend if you need someone to cheers with.


5. Crosley Coupe Turntable

Super-cute in its travel-friendly suitcase-shaped shell, this record player has a built-in speaker to blast your favourite vinyls and Bluetooth connectivity – so it’s the best of both worlds.


6. Spot and Dot Quilt Cover 

If you’re the kind of person who likes to switch up their bedding on the reg, you’ll love this reversible quilt cover, which is white on one side and midnight blue on the other (with a healthy dose of polka dots on both).


7. All-Natural Bathroom Cleaner

It takes a real homebody to get excited about bathroom cleaner, but we’re pretty sure we’ve found our crowd. Made from 100% plant-derived ingredients, this one’s non-toxic, eco-friendly and too cute to keep stashed away in the cupboard.


8. Eyes Shut Hanging Planter 

Indoor plants bring so many benefits: fresher air, mood boosting properties, Instagram likes and a great excuse to buy cute planters like this little guy – who’ll hang your greenery in style, even if he’s always sleeping on the job.


9. Eclipse Chip and Dip Bowl 

Because attempting to balance a bowl of chips and a dip container on your lap is tricky and often a bit messy… We can’t wait ’til someone invents a clip-on wine glass extension!


10. Wine Bottle Candle 

If you’re going to be spending a lot of time at home, wouldn’t you prefer that your home smelled like a calming blend of rose, pepper and black mint? And wouldn’t you love that scent to come from a reclaimed wine bottle? That’s what we thought.


11. Engraved Cheese Board Set

Made from sustainable rubberwood and with slide-out storage for cheese knives, all this quirky board needs is a wheel of your favourite cheddar and crackers.


12. Lorne Hammock 

Beware the lure of this heavyweave hammock. Once you’ve created your own mini hideout and relaxed into the floaty feeling of weightlessness, you might never return to the real world.


13. Cork Yoga Mat

Roll out this recycled cork mat on the living room floor and you can sneak in a workout… without changing from your uniform of loungewear! Yep, the at-home yoga studio has zero wardrobe requirements.


14. Avalon Striped Loungewear 

Speaking of loungewear… This super-soft, super-comfortable and super-stripey cotton set is a homebody’s dream. And it’s definitely cute enough to answer the door to the delivery guy in.


15. Animal Innuendo Coasters 

No-one likes getting water rims on their hardwood tables (or wine rims, for that matter), and everyone likes having a laugh at a cheeky pun, which is why these are essential.


PS. Lessons in self-love and put this playlist on…

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