When you splash out $325.95 on a bag, what are you really buying? We hit up Aussie leather accessory maker, Graine, to find out what’s in an investment piece…



“We source close to 100% of all our Graine leathers with a Victorian tannery, which has a gold-star rating from The Leather Working Group. We’ve worked very closely with this tannery for many years and visit them regularly. Knowing that the leather was sourced and produced locally in a sustainable way, with a focus on minimising environmental impact, adds great value to our leather goods.”



“Our making process starts by carefully cutting individual pieces of leather with a clicking press machine. Then each product is hot-embossed individually with our Graine logo. Finally the product is stitched together, carefully, one at a time. This allows our craftsmen to give the required care and attention to each piece. It usually takes up to one hour to make each bag, from start to finish.”



“All our products are unlined, which makes them organic and soft. Also, each piece of leather our products are made from is different, so no two items will be the same. That’s a big part of what makes our bags so special.”



The Portsea Getaway Bag is available in navy, olive, tan and black


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