Some gifts pull at the heart strings, others hit you right in the funny bone (but not in that weird, tingly-elbow kinda way). Whether you’re looking for a hi-larious stocking stuffer, a winning office Kris Kringle present or the perfect gift for someone who always has 😂  at the top of their frequently used emojis, our collection of quirky gifts has more than got you covered.

From bike balls that turn on with a gentle squeeze and personalised prosecco lollies to a shark swimming cap and a drinking game that guarantees a night you’ll never forget remember, there are LOL-worthy gifts for just about everyone on your list.


1. Personalised ‘Allergic To Mornings’ Mug 2. Bike Balls Bike Light


3. Kan-Yay Key Ring 4. Papa Nessie Pasta Spoon


5. Travino Spill-proof Wine Sippy Cup 6. ‘F**k.’ The Game


7. ‘Ridiculously Good Looking’ Wash Bag 8. ‘Bring Me A Cold Beer’ Socks


9. Donkey Products Swimming Cap 10. Mini Flip Cup


11. Tinned Soup Socks 12. The Keyboard Waffle Iron


13. Donut Socks in Strawberry 14. ‘Ho Ho F*cking Ho’ Tea Towel


15. Basketbeer with Wooden Backboard 16. Drinkopoly Drinking Board Game


17. ‘My Love Is Like A Candle’ Candle 18. Star Wars ‘I Am Your Father’ T-shirt


19. Personalised Prosecco Gummy Sweets 20. Naughty Mug for Ladies


PS. Everything you need for a kick-ass Christmas and have you seen our (very merry) video?

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