When it comes to guy gifts, there a few predictable old faves: the work tie, the multi-pack of sports socks, the hardware store gift voucher… It’s not that they’re wrong, they’re just not the kind of pressie that’s going to have him busting out of his jocks with excitement (unless your fella has a real thing for sports socks, in which case, we won’t judge!).

So, if you’ve decided that Christmas 2017 is going to be the moment you break the mould and get your dad/hubby/brother/random Tinder date something totally unexpected, YOU GO GIRL. We’ll give you ten points right off the bat for effort! Shopping for dude-approved presents can be a daunting task and we know that creative gift ideas for men don’t always come thick and fast – it’s why we made this nifty little list to help you shop your way to gifty glory.

You can get him something super fun and novelty (um, a waffle iron that cooks his breaky like a keyboard or playing cards that also teach him Japanese) or an unexpected keepsake (like a minimalist map print of his favourite ‘burb or a personalised watch stand) – whatever you choose, you know it’s gonna surprise and delight!


1. The wash bag that plays to his ego 2. The playing cards that make him multi-lingual


3. The socks that suit him to a tee  4. The keyboard waffle iron that’ll CNRL+ALT+DEL cravings


5. The watch stand that holds his prize possessions 6. The body bar that exfoliates like a boss


7. The personalised cafetiere that’ll keep him functioning 8. The charger tidy that’s very James Bond-esque


9. The map thats cooler than the Gregory’s  10. The custom apron that rates his grill skills


11. The corkscrew that’ll make him go ‘arrrr!’ 12. The speaker that’ll play his jams sound so good


13. The ring that’s made of recycled skateboard 14. The fedora that’ll banish bad hair days


15. The bike balls that turn on with a squeeze 16. The mini flip cup that’ll be a hit at Christmas


17. The whisky bullets that keep his drink strong 18. The personalised brush that’s mo’ big deal


19. The hippo that’ll crack open a coldie 20. The fish penknife that he never knew he needed


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