DON’T invite yourself over… or, worse yet, show up unannounced. Wait until she suggests a visit (some mums aren’t up for visitors right away!), then go at a time that’s convenient for her.

DO bring a gift. Extra points if you get something for the bub and something just for mum – a sweet candle, personalised necklace, baby notebook or bath soak will make her tired day.

DON’T visit if you’re sick. If you’ve got a sniffle, steer clear. Even if you’re fighting fit, it’s nice to wash your hands when you arrive, and put your new mum at ease.

DO bring food. Cook up freezer-friendly meal (like pasta or curry) that she can save for later or bring some teabags and biscuits so she’s not stressing about something to offer you.

DON’T stay too long. Fact: Babies are super adorable and cuddly. But don’t let that adorable cuddliness tempt you to overstay your welcome. In the initial weeks, stick to 20 mins, tops.

DO make yourself useful. If you can see that the dishes are piling up at the sink, reach for the rubber gloves. Any small tasks you can help knock out will be much appreciated!

DON’T ask to hold the baby. Some new mums are nervous about passing their bundles of joy around, so respect that and wait until you’re offered a cuddle.

DO acknowledge the siblings. They might be small but newborns really know how to hog the spotlight! Giving the other kids some attention will help prevent them from feeling left out.


Something for bub…

1. Personalised Newborn Gift Set 2. Bamboo Flowers Personalised Birth Details Print 3. ‘Sleep Thief’ Baby T-shirt 4. Wakul Organic Extra Large Playmat 5. Pre-walker Moccasins 6. Personalised Baby Essentials Bag 7. ‘Hello, I’m New Here’ Wreath Baby Suit 8. Personalised Koala Natural Wooden Teething Toy


Something for mum…

1. Personalised Baby Birth Charm Necklace 2. Personalised Engraved Solid Brass Baby Weight Keepsake 3. Creamy Vanilla Scented Candle 4. Rose Wellness Bath Soak Salts 5. ‘Single, Married, Kids’ Measures Wine Glass 6. ‘Love Letters To My Child’ Journal 7. ‘Mama, You Got This!’ Enamel Pin 8. New Mum Tea Gift Box


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