Want to know a bit more about the people working behind-the-scenes on your favourite online marketplace (ahem, hardtofind)? Our new ‘Meet the HTF team’ posts are gonna introduce you to the clever clogs bringing you awesome buys around the clock. Stand by…


What did you want to be when you grew up? This is really boring but… a graphic designer.

And now you’re an Art Director. What does an Art Director do? My role with hardtofind means I’m responsible for the overall visual style of our emails, catalogues, marketing material and website. It’s a hands-on job, so I get to create a lot of the designs myself (in conjunction with our legend of a Junior Designer, Georgia). I also get to direct and style our photoshoots.

Best part of your job? Seeing the finished result of designs or concepts that I’ve been working on (and I’m happy with).

Er, not-the-best part of your job? Working with MailChimp.

What’s your career motto? Work hard, be nice.

What advice can you offer someone who wants a job like yours? Develop a good work ethic, gain relevant work experience and keep pushing your designs until there’s nothing you would change.


Time for a quickie…

 What’s a nickname someone has given you? Take any word that rhymes with Lizzy.

Emoji that best describes you? There isn’t a chatting emoji is there? I love a good chat…

 In a movie about your life, who plays you? Zooey Deschanel – we look a little alike and I feel the audience would appreciate that! I also think she’d be the right mixture of creative, friendly and awkward.

Ultimate shopping weakness? Gifts. I have a problem. I also love wrapping paper, ribbons, tape, gift cards…

One thing you’ve done that you wish you didn’t? Piercing my belly button back in the ’90s. Two pregnancies later… 😬

 What’s your go-to karaoke jam? Something from The Wiggles because I know all the words. They’re seared into my memory for life, thanks kids.

 Cheese or chocolate? Chocolate. With roasted nuts.


PS. Meet the rest of the team and check out Lizzy in action!

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