The Sunday night struggle is real (well, unless you have an awesome job to go to on Monday, that is – ahem, hardtofind!) and the worry that, come 8pm Sunday, you’ve totally wasted your weekend is one we can do without! The good news is, the Sunday Sads are totally preventable. Play your weekend right and you’ll be enjoying the Sunday Smugs instead.


Start the day slowly

Setting alarms is more of a Monday thing. Try waking up au naturale with your body clock (which hopefully isn’t too out of whack, thanks to last night’s tequila), and don’t be in a rush to throw back the covers. If you’re feeling it, snuggle with your bed buddy, listen to a podcast, read a little or have a cup of tea while you let your body get used to being (kinda) awake.


Get the life stuff out of the way

We can probably all agree that chores suck, but unfortunately they are a necessary part of adulting (those clothes you wore aren’t going to launder themselves…). Set aside a 60-minute block on Sunday to tick off some of the big cleaning and organising tasks, and you won’t be haunted by a lack of clean dishes and a hamper full of dirty laundry for the rest of the week. Also, you’ll be riding high on that sense of accomplishment all day.


Get in some R and R

If we weren’t so busy face masking, we’d totally start a petition to have Sunday renamed Spa-day. Don’t just ‘have a shower’ – light a candle and turn your newly cleaned (see step two) home into a DIY spa experience. Cleanse, exfoliate, moisturise and treat yo’self to some top-to-toe beautifying, so you can walk in Monday fully expecting to be mistaken for a Hadid sister.


Head outdoors

Even if your main Sunday plan is to catch up on, like, eight hours of your favourite TV shows (no judgement!), it’s a good idea to take a break from technology and head outside. Go for a walk in the sunshine, hit the local pool for a dip or just migrate your Netflix watching to the balcony. Do what you’ve gotta do to get your daily dose of Vitamin D!


Prep for the week ahead

Make Monday a total breeze by prepping for the week in advance. Hit the supermarket and fill your fridge with food for the next five days (extra points if you bust out the Tupperware for a meal prep sesh) and start thinking about what you’re going to wear. Having an outfit ready for Monday morning will take the drama out of getting dressed for work and make your next week’s self so proud of your Sunday self.


Move your body

If we told you there was something that could help you build strength, tone up, improve your immunity and boost your mental health, you’d be totally on board, right? Well, get on board with exercise because moving your bod (even for just 30 minutes) can deliver all those benefits in spades. No need to go crazy with a HIIT workout if you’re not in the mood – a simple stroll with some stretches should do the trick.


Set some new goals

Going into the new week without goals is like heading to a foreign city with no Google Maps – how can you know where you’re going? What are the odds that your directionless wandering will land you at a delicious croissant cafe? Improve your odds by sitting down on Sunday night to review your intentions for the week ahead. Decide what you want to achieve (croissant-filled brunch, perhaps?) and then set a plan to action it.


PS. A cocktail to cap off your weekend and prep your lunch like a boss!

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