Ever been worried about: A) Your budget, B) Your health or C) Both of the above? Then you should probably consider ditching that expensive noodle joint around the corner from your office and bringing your lunch from home (at least a couple of days a week).

We’ll do the maths for you: Spend $10 on your midday meal Monday through Friday, and it’s gonna add $2,500+ to your yearly spending tally. Bringing your own lunch will not only save you a good chunk of that change, it can also help you better control your fat, sugar and salt intake (because you know there’s a reason that Pad Thai lunch special tastes so damn good…).

It might sound a bit uninspiring, but BYO-ing your lunch doesn’t have to mean a life sentence of boring sambos – and to prove it, we asked the HTF team to share their fave lunch-from-home options. We think you’ll see why Giorgii is cursed on a daily basis for the delicious aroma that her lunch wafts around the office… But hopefully, you’ll also pick up a bit of essential do-it-yourself lunchtime inspo.

Georgia: Falafel with sweet potato and chilli flakes, broccoli and rice.

Sarah: Roasted vegetables with hummus and baby spinach.

Erin: Zucchini fritters with Greek yoghurt and salad.

Giorgii: Leftover pasta.

Alice: Taco mince with brown rice, capsicum and avocado.

Fordo: Roast pumpkin – skin on!

Martin: Chickpea salad with feta or turkey and Swiss cheese toasty.


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PS. Wear these to work and enjoy your downtime daydreaming about this destination.

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