Cats love getting the royal treatment, but they also aren’t afraid to make it known when something doesn’t thrill them (ahem, Grumpy Cat) – which is why the pressure is on when you’re buying a gift for your furry four-legged friend.

Get it right and they’ll be purry putty in your hands, get it wrong and you’ll get a serve of cattitude! Thankfully, we’ve got 10 of the best gifts for even the fussiest of felines…


1. Walk-Thru2 and Ziggy Duo Cat Scratcher

This stylish cat scratcher is a win for your feline and a win for your furniture!


 2. Personalised Sir Cat Bowl

Sir Fluffykins will take his gourmet treats in a personalised bowl, thank you very much.


3. Cat Personalised ID Tag

When they look at you like, ‘Don’t you know who I am?’…


 4. Meyou Cat Cube

We wish they made these cosy designer cocoons in people size.


5. Wall Hanging Cat Scratcher

So you’re ready when the claws come out!


 6. Personalised First Baby Book for Cats


A complete record of your fur baby’s first milestones.


7. Cat Bed, Play and Litter Tray Concept

For those crazy days of play and, like, 18 hours of sleep.


 8. ‘Pussweek’ Issue Two

Because you know your cat really wants to read about the right windowsill for their body type…


9. Hepper Pod Cat Bed

It’s lined with sherpa fleece for maximum comfort and elevated so they can look down on everything.


10. Personalised Cat Placemat

If you forgot to buy the right tuna, don’t even bother placing any food down.


Feature image: Meyou Ball For Cats


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