Ah, jeans – the saviour sent down from the fashion gods to solve all our what-to-wear dilemmas. We’d be lost without them! But if that’s the only place you’re utilising the wonder of denim in your life, then we’re sorry to say that you’re doing it wrong. From denim dresses and chokers to chambray totes and towels, the versatility of this blue hue totally translates.

Ready to enjoy a bit more denim in your day-to-day? Try these top 20 chambray buys…


1. Bondi Turkish Towel in Deep Blue 2. Anja Tunic in Chambray


3. ‘London, Paris, New York, Adelaide’ Bag 4. Sun Bleached Denim Candle


5. Cala Rossa Scarf in Blue 6. Personalised ‘Resting Man Face’ Wash Bag


7. Kat Denim Choker 8. French Linen Duvet Set


9. Pure French Linen Poets Tunic 10. Portofino Nautical Knot Necklace


11. Personalised Initial Denim Tote  12. January Denim Dress


13. Dopp Bag 14. Denim Shirt


15. ‘Bag Of Tricks’ Duffle Bag 16. Merino Wool Poncho in Pale Blue


17. Frayed Denim Crop Top  18. Ottoman Beanbag in Light Denim


19. Personalised Initial Adult Apron  20. Mr Wolf Jumpsuit in Chambray


PS. Another wardrobe saviour and these are really pretty

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