You know how you had your favourite blankie as a kid and you took it everywhere? Well, we’ve found the adult equivalent. Some fashion-y people might technically call it a ‘poncho’ or a ‘wrap’ or a ‘scarf’, but we know what it really is: a gloriously warm, irresistibly cosy wearable blanket. Whether you want something simple that you can throw over your jeans and pyjama top (oops! did we forget to get all the way dressed?) or a more fancy, take-me-out-to-dinner-but-with-all-the-comfort-of-a-night-in style, the wearable blanket always has your back. It might just be winter’s underdog MVP.


1. Geometrica Ink Print Cashmere Travel Wrap 2. Cashmere Cross Detail Poncho 3. Personalised Blanket Scarf 4. Soft Snow Blanket Shawl 5. Lunar Vest 6. Sabrina Oversized Cashmere Travel Wrap


PS. Another seasonal must-have or ditch winter and take a trip.

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