If you’re part of the one in 10 Aussies who love getting down and stretchy on the mat, then you probs already know about the benefits of yoga. If not, here are the Spark Notes: increased flexibility, greater strength and muscle tone, a lift in energy, a more balanced metabolism, improved circulation and fewer injuries. But if you think yoga is just a gentle stretch sesh, think again. It can be a whole lot tougher than those Insta yogis make it look. (Have you ever tried to balance in crow pose?) Behold, five challenges we always face during a yoga class…


1. Where am I supposed to put my mat?

There’s no rhyme or reason to why we can never get to class early, but slipping in with 60 seconds to spare presents a big problem: where to put your mat. Is it acceptable to ask the lady taking up 1.5 mats worth of space to shift over a bit? And if you squeeze in the back right corner are you going to have that dude’s feet in your nose the entire time? The quandary!


2. Trying to hold in a fart during a supine twist…

Or a forward fold. Or a happy baby pose. They’re all rife with danger! And why does the teacher always wait until the moment you have your butt cheeks in full clench mode to saunter over and correct your technique?


3. Why doesn’t anyone else look like they’re struggling?

Yoga has a real knack for making your confidence levels go from ‘should I consider doing my teacher training?’ to ‘chata-what-now?’ in five seconds. If you’re standing there thinking, What does she mean, ‘roll my thighs outward’? and Why are my arms burning with the heat of a thousand suns? while everyone else sails through their vinyasa, know you are not alone.


4. Regretting your fashion choices.

Thoughts including but not limited to: I need a pedicure, stat. Are these tights see-through when I bend over? Why did I choose this top that’s falling over my face in downward dog and flashing my tummy to the whole class? No jumper for shavasana = rookie move.


5. Getting in the zen zone.

Is it just us, or is there something about laying back in shavasana that makes you suddenly think about the tax return you still haven’t filed, the seven calls from your parents you need to return, the work preso you’ve been prepping for, and what are you going to eat after this?


If you’ve fought these mini battles while vinyasa-ing, we salute you! And we feel your pain. We’re not saying new yoga kit will make your next class a total breeze – but it can’t hurt, right?


1. Cork Yoga Mat 2. Teaquarium


3. Jean Jullien Artist Collab Carryall 4. Yoga 3/4 Pants


5. Inset Leggings in Merlot 6. Gold Lotus Earrings


7. Lotus Deco Necklace 8. Bamboo Full-Length Leggings in Black


9. Lotus Print Eye Pillow 10. Mandala Ocean Tank


11. Non-slip Pilates And Yoga Socks 12. Alchemy Mist Collection


13. Cork Yoga Block 14. Bronte Turkish Towel


15. Yogi Scoop-Neck Women’s Sweater 16. Namaste Trio Candle Set


17. Namaste Organic Cotton And Bamboo Tank 18. Natural Rubber And Jute Yoga Mat


PS. Look fab with the best of natural beauty and celebrate your yoga goals!

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