If our mothers taught us anything (actually, they taught us a lot of things!) it was never show up at a party empty-handed. But some occasions call for more than just a box of Cadbury Favourites. If you’re looking for a gift that’ll impress the pants off your host or hostess (and secure you an invite to their next shindig!) check out these picks for inspo…


1. Respect for a cut of meat well done: Personalised Sunday Roast Apron 2. You can never lose with booze: Martini Cocktail Set


3. Cute and v. useful: Bamboo Mini Kitchen Tools (Set of 3) 4. Pop a bottle of their favourite drop inside: ‘You Had Me At Wine’ Canvas Wine Bag


5. One gift or four gifts? You decide: Mixed Fragrance Beer Bottle Candles (Set of 4) 6. Sweet cheesus: Personalised Cheese Knife


7. A comforting jasmine, rose and vanilla blend: Flower Queen Loose-Leaf Tea 8. So they don’t have to Google ‘pounds to grams’ while elbow-deep in flour: Kitchen Conversion Tea Towel


9. More chic than a key-ring but just as handy: Ace Of Spades Wallet-Size Bottle Opener 10. It’s official – you win Best Guest: Personalised Geometric Copper Mug


PS. A home bar to get the party started and pretty-up your next bash with DIY paper flowers.

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