Quirky T-shirts are having a moment. But why should the adults get to have all the fun? Here are 10 options for when you want to put your kid in a tee that’s at least as cute as they are…


1. Wearing it almost guarantees a whale of a time: Whale Kids’ T-shirt


2. File this one under ‘thing’s that make you go LOL’: Darth Vader Star Wars Fan Kids’ Tee


3. It’s all good in the kidhood: ‘Kidhood’ Children’s T-shirt


4. Chicer than writing their name on the tag with a Sharpie: Personalised Bear T-shirt


5. This little piggy went to the park and daycare and on countless playdates…  Kids’ Pig T-shirt


6. Mandatory skate-park attire: ‘Let’s Ride’ Tee


7. Let them create their own masterpiece: Personalised Colour Your Own Unicorn T-shirt



8. A little encouragement to slow their roll: Sloth Kids’ Tee


9. Inner West kids, represent: Kids’ Vintage Rozelle T-shirt


10. Stripes, bows and cap sleeves – does this come in our size?: Girls’ Red Striped T-shirt


PS. Cool loot for mums and dads.