We are all about a themed workday at hardtofind HQ (remember that time we came to the office dressed in our pyjamas?), so when our head of customer service, Marty, offered to make a 19-hour slow-cooked brisket for the team, we declared a Brisket Monday. And it might go down as the GOAT. We came, we worked for eight hours, and in the middle of the day, we feasted on a piece of succulent beef that was at least twice as big as any of our heads.

Because we don’t want you to miss out on the fun (but not enough that we were willing to share our lunch), we hit Marty up for his brisket secrets. Stand by for the exclusive tell-all…

First, is Marty your real name?

It’s Martin.

Whatever. Tell us, when did your brisket cooking begin? Were you a small child from a poor family, cooking brisket and selling it at the neighbourhood market so you could buy seed for your pet birds?

Three years. I started making brisket because I like brisket.

Okay, okay, we know secret recipes are supposed to be secret, but we think secrets are overrated. So, spill! What’s the key to making your brisket taste so bloody good? We bet it’s an exotic South American chilli…

Salt, pepper, garlic and herbs – made into a dry rub. Then cooked on a smoker for 18 hours.

Any tips for first-time brisket makers? After three whole years and countless briskets, you must have plenty of sage wisdom to share…

It’s done when it’s done.

So, it turns out, Marty is a man of not so many words, but great brisket-making abilities… Let’s hear it for Marty. And Brisket Monday.



In fact, we rate Brisket Monday so hard, we think it deserves its own product line. Here’s what could be coming soon to hardtofind…


PS. Set the table and have a drink with your brisket.

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