Some family members are harder to buy for than others… *cough* DAD *cough*. And it’s temping to have a standard go-to gift… *cough* SOCKS AND UNDIES *cough*. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

It’s a little-known fact that we at hardtofind like to refer to ourselves as ‘Masters of the Dad Gift’ (we’re really humble like that). After sifting through mountains upon mountains of gifts for him (we’re also prone to exaggeration), we like to think we’ve fine-tuned just what makes an awesome, memorable gift for Dad… Buy two flights to California and a round of 18 holes on Pebble Beach golf course! (Jokes. Who can afford that?!) Instead, try looking for a gift for Dad, keeping these three things in mind:

1. Will it stroke his ego and make him feel like the best damn dad that ever walked the Earth? (Or at the very least, will it make him think you rate him higher than Mum?)

2. Is it practical? Can he use it? Dads love practical stuff they can use.

3. Can he show it off to all his mates on ‘The Facebook’? #humblebrag


In need of some inspo when it comes to gifts for Dad? Right this way…

1. ‘#Dadvice’ Ceramic Mug 2. ‘Daddy’s Girl’ Necklace And Key Ring Gift Set


3. Dad And Me ‘Squad’ T-shirt Set 4. Man Cave Personalised Bamboo Wall Hanging


5. Men’s Personalised Bracelet With Stainless Steel Anchor Clasp 6. Boston Card Holder


7. ‘Damn Fine Dad’ Wash Bag 8. Personalised Wooden Tray


9. Australian Whisky Tasting Set 10. Luxury Leather Travel Tech Case For Him


11. Personalised Football Fan Cushion 12. Personalised Gardening Tumbler Glass


13. Initial Personalised Tie Clip 14. ‘Dad You’re Super/Mum You’re Not Bad’ Pillowcase Set


15. ‘Good In The Fatherhood’ Mug 16. Love You To Pieces Cufflinks


17. Personalised Statement Dimpled Beer Glass  18. Hobby Personalised Embroidered Men’s Socks


PS. Gifts for gin lovers and does your dad like golf?

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