Hands up if you wanna be happier, sleep better and have more killer self-esteem than a Kardashian? Well, science says a little gratitude can go a long way to helping with all those things! Here are five reasons it’s worth saying thanks…

1. It improves your physical health. True story. Grateful people experience less aches and pains and report feeling healthier than those who never use the T word.

2. It improves your mental health. Think of it this way: Envy, frustration, resentment and regret are all toxic emotions, and gratitude is the antidote. An attitude of thankfulness has been shown to improve happiness and reduce depression.

3. It makes you sleep better. We all know that worry and sleep don’t mix, right? Well, spending 15 minutes writing a gratitude list before you hit the hay can help you calm down and sleep better, for longer, according to scientists.

4. It can improve your self-esteem. Studies have shown that gratitude has worked wonders for athletes’ self-esteem. It also helps to reduce the resentment brought on by social comparisons (er, that five-hour Insta stalking session…).

5. It can help you win new friends. A bunch of Aussie researchers found that when you thank a new acquaintance for their help, it opens the door to a more high-quality ongoing relationship. You can thank us for that tidbit, later.


Start saying thanks…

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