Hands up if you’ve ever started setting the table for a fancy shindig and when it got to placing the napkin, just stood there with a blank look on your face. Yeah, us too. Which is why we’ve decided to throw a few easy-to-execute ideas your way… No fancy origami swan-folding here.


All hail the napkin ring!

‘Like, der!’ we can hear you say. (Do people still say ‘der’? Let’s assume they do…) A napkin ring might be an obvious solution, but it doesn’t need to be a boring one. If you’ve got simple, neutral-coloured napkins, neatly roll them up in a classic fashion, then get some rings with personality to set them apart.

Gold Wire Napkin Rings (Set of 6)


Accessorise, accessorise…

If your celebrating something special, incorporate that into your napkin display. Maybe you tie up your napkins with twine and add a bauble for Christmas place settings, pick a flower from your garden for a personal touch, or print your own paper napkin rings and add a decoration that doubles as a gift for your guests to take home.

Doilie Berry Napkins (Set of 4)


It’s all about layers

If you’re layering dishes at each place setting and finishing with a bowl, trying to display the napkin on top of the bowl is gonna cause you all kinds of problems. (We know, we did Year 10 physics.) Skip the drama and place your napkin between the top plate and bowl. Easy as!

Arrow Napkins (3 Packs of 20)


Get in the fold

This should take you back to your paper plane-making days – and the good thing is you don’t need to remember any of the steps except that first basic triangle fold. Do it with precision, make sure the ends match up, and for love of Grandma Joan, iron your napkins before you ace the single fold and put them on display.

Corn Husk Napkin


Let’s call this the ‘easy puff’

FYI, you’re gonna need a napkin ring for this one. Spread the napkin out flat and pinch the centre to lift it up by the middle. Use your other hand to smooth out any folds and slide the napkin ring over the pinched end. Then puff up both ends for a bit of volume (just like when you style your hair!).

Blush Pink Tribal Dash Linen Napkins (Set of 4)


Don’t be a square… (actually, do!)

We’re not going to give you a lesson on how to fold your napkin once in a rectangle, then fold it again into a square (oh, wait – that was your lesson), but we are going to tell you that a square-folded napkin is simple and chic. Just pop your cutlery neatly on top and voilà. You are a domestic goddess.

Personalised Monogrammed Napkin


PS. These things look good enough to eat and drink, anyone?

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