Rug shopping can be two things: 1) expensive and 2) confusing. Like any home item you’re dropping serious dollars on, when you choose a rug, you want to choose right (like, a-lifetime-of-happiness-together right), which is why we hit up Caroline Modig from Art Hide for her expertise on how to pick the perfect rug.


Q. What should we think about before choosing a rug?

A. There are many factors to consider – and most of them start with you! Think about your personal sense of style and the look you’re trying to achieve. Other guidelines include the space you need to cover, the furniture that sits in the room and how much you’re willing to invest in the quality of your rug. Our philosophy is, ‘buy once, buy well’.


Q. How do you know what rug is right for your space?

A. Picking the size of your rug usually comes down to the size of the room or the area within a room that you’re trying to frame. Another aspect you need to keep in mind when picking a rug is the shape of the rug and the shape of the room. Rectangular rugs work well in large spaces, under beds and dining tables. Small rugs, on the other hand, can be a great solution for the space beside your bed or at the foot of the bed.

As for the colour, if you like experimenting with colours, you can opt for something bold like Art Hide’s Angulo blue, Zirah orange, or Trilogia emerald. And if you are looking for something more subtle, then a style like our Division rug would be perfect. And remember, the beauty of including a rug to your space is the gorgeous texture it adds – think intricate hand-woven styles or more exquisite natural cowhide.

While it should reflect your style, it’s always helpful to keep an open mind when selecting a rug. Choose one that matches your interior setting or opt for a complete contrast with an edgy design! Styles such as the Angulo are perfect for pulling together different elements of a room, while still being a stand-out in their own right. 

Arlequin Hide with Grey Base

Q. How can you make sure your rug goes the distance?

A. If you want something low-maintenance, consider a cowhide – they repel dust due to the natural oils in the hide and require minimal upkeep. You can lightly vacuum hide, wipe it with a damp cloth or simply take it outside and give it a good shake! Other textiles, such as wool, silk or cotton, can be more high maintenance and may require specialist cleaning from a dry cleaner.


Q. A rug can be a great focal piece – how do you stop it from being overwhelming?

A. If you’re looking to add a hide rug to your existing décor, pick a rug that complements the style and colours in the room. If it is a completely unique rug, then try to add different décor items that go with the rug you’ve chosen. For instance, if you picked a bold coloured rug, find similar coloured décor items to subtly accent the rug to incorporate it in your space!

Antika Cascara Black and White Rug

Q. What rooms should we be putting rugs in?

A. Offices, homes, kids play areas… the possibilities are endless!


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