We don’t want to cause mass panic (it’s not our style) so we’re warning you well in advance that Mother’s Day is coming… on Sunday, May 14, to be precise. Now, we’re not mathematicians or anything, but we reckon that gives you just enough time to vet your options and find the perfect gift for mum.

Locking down a winning Mother’s Day gift (that’ll help her forget all the times you left wet towels on the bathroom floor) can be a tricky task because all mums are different. Some mums love baking, some mums love doing yoga, some mums love drinking wine and sleeping in. But all mums deserve to feel loved to the tune of a heartfelt gift that perfectly matches their personality.

So we’ve put together a little Mother’s Day gift guide to help you out – it features the best gifts for mums of all kinds and should help (finally) secure you that Number One Child status.


The ‘never misses an issue of Vogue‘ mum

1. Katia Thread Personalised Bracelet 2. The Uluwatu Dress 3. Muriwai Linen-blend Scarf 4. Foldover Bag – Hakea


The ‘I shoulda been an interior decorator’ mum

1. Personalised ‘Love You Mummy’ Candle 2. Personalised ‘Mum’ Botanical Bottle Bud Vases 3. Taper Knitted Throw 4. Hampton Vases (Set of 2)


The ‘you’ll find me in the kitchen’ mum

1. Personalised ‘Kitchen Always Open’ Chopping Board 2. Personalised Mother’s Day Mixing Bowl Set 3. Personalised Cake Tin 4. Personalised ‘Born to Cook’ Apron


The ‘borderline alcoholic’ mum

1. Personalised Mum’s Measure Wine Glass 2. Personalised Drink Stirrer 3. Cocktail Print 4. Wine Wooden Periodic Table Coasters


The ‘it’s like no one around here cares’ mum

1. Ladies’ Rose Gold Watch with Mesh Strap 2. Personalised Interlinking Hearts Necklace 3. Personalised Flat Bangle 4. Rose Gold Pave Charm Bracelet


The ‘I don’t need Insta fitspo’ mum

1. Cork Yoga Mat 2. Inset Leggings 3. Smart Rope 4. ‘Mama Fuel’ Water Drink Bottle


The ‘just five minutes of peace’ mum

1. Silk Eye Mask 2. Grapefruit + Lemon Bath Salts 3. Personalised Glass Teapot for Mum 4. ‘Mama Bear’ Jumper


The ‘don’t get me anything’ mum

1.  Personalised Embossed Leather Heart Keyring 2. ‘World’s Best Mum’ Mug 3. Personalised ‘Mum I Love You Because’ Jigsaw 4. Bamboo Tropical Stems and Personalised Card


PS. Gift ideas for foodie mums and wine gifts with a twist

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