In case you missed the memo: Pins are back. In a big way. And for Australian jewellery brand Erstwilder it’s become their calling card – their colourful, vintage-style brooches have reached cult status, with an ever-growing fan base. And, now, they’ve also reached hardtofind!

Made from resin and reminiscent of the ’30s Bakelite used for vintage radio and telephone casings, the brooches are stunning statement pieces. But what is it that makes them so popular (apart from, you know, the obvious appeal of bright, fun accessories that don’t take themselves too seriously)? According to Kate Kirkwood, who stocks Erstwilder on hardtofind through her store Seafarer Sam, “It’s a unique way to stand out from the crowd and showcase your individual style. They’ve also become quite collectable, making them very attractive to people who want to own something highly sought after.”

Early Erstwilder brooches can be especially hard to come by – initially, each collection was limited to 100 pieces per design, but new brooches are produced in runs of up to 1000. It’s part of the appeal for many customers. “‘Unicorn’ is a term used by collectors who are searching for a particular early design – Unicorns are often hard to find due to their limited production run and are very popular with those who have arrived late to the Erstwilder party,” says Kate. “I’ve seen many a celebration take place when people become the proud owners of much-loved Unicorn pieces.”

In the five years since Kate started stocking Erstwilder, she’s seen the brand’s army of fans expand significantly. “The jewellery has attracted an incredibly loyal and interactive online community,” she explains. “This provides a huge source of inspiration that allows other fans to draw on the style of fellow ‘Erstwildians’.” They love the quirky, fun pieces and feel an affinity for the Melbourne-based brand that Kate says “listens to what their fans want”.

And what fans want, it would seem, is unique designs – and plenty of ’em! “Erstwilder normally do four major launches each year that will feature up to 40 unique designs,” says Kate. “We currently have around 120 designs on hardtofind.” Here are some of our faves…


Shop: 1. Erstwilder Stone Age Sex-Bomb Brooch 2. Erstwilder Copacabana Brooch 3. Erstwilder Boof The Bulldog Brooch 4. Erstwilder Toco Of The Tropics Brooch


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