A wise man once said ‘You can never have too many handbags’. (We might be paraphrasing – don’t shoot us.) If you’re thinking about welcoming another cross-body baby into your fashion family, make it the Lorna & Bel Dylan bag. Here are a few reasons it deserves a spot on your summer and autumn wardrobe rotation – and beyond!

1. It comes in dusty pink (check it above), ink navy, taupe, classic black and the chicest shade of dusty blue we’ve ever seen. Take your pick!

2. It has a built-in phone charger. (Let that sink in for a moment. Built. In. Phone. Charger.) Picture this: while your phone is hanging ten in your bag, it could be recharging itself. No 20% low-battery red warning signals, just a sweet always-ready-to-check-your-Facebook phone.

3. It has a nifty cross-body strap, which keeps your bag close but your hands free for other vital things (like holding babies, drinking coffee or Instagramming said babies and coffee).

4. It’s one of those wear-anywhere-with-any-outfit classic styles that will never out of vogue, which brings us to…

5. It’s made from genuine leather, so you know it will last and last and last. (Just promise us you’ll try not to let a stray apricot squish inside and avoid any red wine spills.)


PS. Build a capsule wardrobe and up your loungewear game.

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