Brunch to go with your gift for Mum

Breakfast ideas to go with a gift for Mum
Ness (with lemon) and Jo (about to nab it). Photo credit: Matt Johnson

Brunch out for Mother’s Day can be a lovely touch – but it’s often super booked, crowded, noisy and a bit overpriced… So why not match the thoughtfulness you put into her Mother’s Day present into a special breakfast you can make in her honour?

Joanna Cooper and Vanessa Rowe know a thing or fifty about delicious food that helps you glow from the inside out. Co-authors of Our Tamarama Kitchen (tried and tasted 😉 by the hardtofind team), Joanna and Vanessa created their gorgeous book to celebrate the way Joanna cooks for her friends and family – simple, effortless and delicious food with a focus on using whole, natural ingredients. Joanna believes in balance and harmony – eating in moderation and not ruling out any particular food group, unless you’re medically required to.

Blending general principles of traditional Chinese medicine with enjoying the pleasure life has to offer, Jo and Ness have shared two of their tastiest recipes perfect for Mum on the 8th – a lush, fruity brown rice bowl (don’t make that face – it’s really, really good) and their amazing chocolate chai truffles: full of nutrients and great fats, and far better for her than a box of choccies. We’d wager they taste better, too.

Mums themselves, Jo and Ness would love to wake up to this brekkie on Mother’s Day (albeit with awesomely good coffee and champagne for good measure), possibly with a baguette and Jo’s salmon pate later down the track… but both agree their favourite meal is one cooked with love, and surrounded by the people who mean the most in the world to them.


Jo and Ness have given us got three copies of Our Tamarama Kitchen to give away! To enter, email your favourite memory of a meal with Mum to [email protected]. Entries close at midnight on Mother’s Day. We’ll email the winner and post their name here. Good luck!


Our Tamarama Kitchen’s Sweet Brown Rice Breakfast

A delicious, healthy brown rice breakfast bowl for Mum
Sweet brown rice breakfast. Photo credit: Vanessa Rowe

As we head into winter, the mornings are becoming noticeably cooler, which makes this a perfect nourishing and delicious breakfast choice. It’s super easy, so give it a try to create something different and special for mum on Mother’s Day.

Download the recipe here


Our Tamarama Kitchen’s Chocolate Chai Truffles

Better than a box of Roses any day... Photo credit: Vanessa Rowe
Better than a box of Roses any day… Photo credit: Vanessa Rowe

If you like chai you will love these. If not, try using peppermint, earl grey, green or chamomile tea. They look gorgeous and are the perfect ending to a dinner party or the perfect sweet treat that’s not too naughty for after dinner. Jo’s rather addicted to these and sometimes eats up to 4 or 5 balls a day!

Jo & Ness’ Mother’s Day gift picks

What Jo wants

  1. I love good quality chocolate, good quality honey with a twist, organic, natural bath products and the piece de resistance is a really good candle. This would definitely fulfil a Mother’s Day wish list……
  2. I love all sorts of foods on a wooden board. This beautiful Acacia board would be a welcome addition to my serving board hardware.
  3. You will always see me in an apron.I wear it all the time. I feel naked without it if I am in the kitchen. I find it hard to understand those who don’t wear them. Perhaps I am just a really messy cook? I love this one because it’s made with unbleached cotton and would also be a useful addition to the kitchen, as well as looking good.
  4. I also love tea towels. You can never have enough. I love the quirky packaging of this one – it’s two gifts in one – a really cool organic tea towel as well as a pickling jar!
  5. I love tea. I drink it every day and always invite friends to join me for tea. This is such a cool teapot. It’s little message resonates with me!

    What Ness wants

  6. Since Jo and I finished our cookbook, I’ve been baking way more regularly than I used to. So I need baking tins to store all my new creations. As well as being functional, I’d like mine to look cool as well. These Orla Kiely ones would fit the bill perfectly – multiple sizes for multiple creations, in five different signature print designs.
  7. A new yoga mat has been on my list for some time now–as my current one has definitely lost its zen. This one by Cork Leaf looks beautiful, is non slip and is eco-friendly.
  8. A good mortar and pestle is such an asset to a kitchen, and a unique present. I love using them – there is something tactile and satisfying about it, plus you get good ingredient crushing aromas in your kitchen. On a practical level this one has silicon around the base to help stop it slipping.
  9. I’m always on the lookout for interesting platters to serve nibbles and cheese on. I love the look of this dark marbled one – I think food colours would really stand out on this, and I like the practical handles.
  10. I could probably wear this bracelet with much of my wardrobe – I love these colours together. Very pretty but a little tough and oversized at the same time.

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