Steal-the-limelight looks for autumn wedding guests

If she’d only chosen a warmer dress, things could have worked out so differently.

It’s getting colder. We realise that in some parts of the country, that means finally being able to venture out of aircon-controlled safe havens into sun that says “Go sleeveless, I shall warm you!” rather than “I’m so hot I’ll burn your face off”.

We’re happy for your sweet release, we really are.

But in certain southern parts of the country, things have turned distinctly *coat weather* – which means those of us invited to an autumn wedding are faced with the sudden dilemma of WARMTH vs LOOK. The great news is: you don’t have to choose.

We’ve got three takes on staging a cover-up – all paired with jewel-toned accessories that we’re seeing cropping up on trend pages and wedding blogs for a colder-weather colour burst.


Pashmina: hassle, and you’re likely to lose it in the ladies’ after a few too many open bar sodas. Jacket: on or off inside? Cardie: straight-up nanna-ish. And the very thought of bare arms and shoulders on a chillier day makes us feel cold already, especially if you’re in a draughty old church for the ceremony or waiting around outside while photos are taken.  Swapping spaghetti straps (or none at all) for longer sleeves instantly looks and feels cosier, and doesn’t lose you any style points. In fact, with the sophisticated lift they can give your look, it’s quite the opposite.

Don't give the bride the cold shoulder.
Don’t give the bride the cold shoulder.
  1. Leather beaded clutch, $79.20 down from $99
  2. Sterling silver howlite bracelet, $155
  3. Sawyer midi dress, $120
  4. The jacquard jacket, $229
  5. Bloom ankle boot in olive, $91.98 down from $229.95
  6. Ancient Roman glass sterling silver ring, $259



Are you a shoulder show-off? Worked too hard for those triceps not to get them out at the slightest opportunity? Drop your hemline to floor-length and spark a ‘wow’ reaction – instead of one where people want to run at you with fleeces because they feel cold on your behalf.

Floor them with floor length.
Floor them with floor-length.
  1. Black hearts pashmina scarf, $198
  2. Black onyx pendant necklace, $59
  3. Petal peplum floor-length dress, $267.50 down from $535
  4. New York convertible portfolio/clutch, $199.20 down from $249
  5. Allegra sandals in black, $104.97 down from $149.95
  6. Grecian convertible maxi dress, $309
  7. Blossom 14K gold-plated ring, $59



Eschewing dresses entirely and going the way of the jumpsuit or pants suit? Prepare to look like a BADASS. We love this option – we’re not going to lie. There’s something so statement-making and flipping of the expected about more formal tailoring at a wedding, and from a purely practical point of view, lets you wear whatever strappy heel or flat you fancy without worrying about how they’re going to look over tights.

Be the guest who can take anything in her stride.
Be the guest who can take anything in her stride.
  1. Market bazaar long after necklace, $80
  2. Droplet earrings in sterling silver, $129
  3. Bekka pants, $99.95
  4. Hamptons clutch in pomegranate, $150
  5. Grey Penny pumps, $399
  6. Paisley silk capri pants and blouse, $325 each
  7. Como pointed toe flat, $320.60 down from $458

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