Gift collections matched to your mum’s personality

Mother's Day gifts – by personality
One mum’s treasure is another mum’s meltdown.

Before you ask, no, we haven’t included stage mums – but given their ideal gift collection would include Valium and years of psychoanalysis, we recognise when we’re out of our depth.

So instead, we’ve brought together inspiring ideas for three very different – and very modern – types of mum, based on the ones we know and love the best.


Helvetica, mannish loafers, AeroPress and microbrewery: congratulations! You’re well on your way to speaking fluent hipster.

Just because she’s got a tot in tow doesn’t mean the hipster mum’s suddenly turned all fleece and florals. Far from it. She’s just temporarily traded up her fixie for something more pram-friendly, and has the dark circles under her eyes to match her black-rimmed glasses. In fact, low-key hipster style marries really well with motherhood practicalities, and we’ve got loads of gifts high-on-clever and higher-still-on-style that she’s sure to love.

Satchel on the back, Baby Björn on the front...
Satchel on the back, Baby Björn on the front…
  1. Cashmere blend typing buddy mittens, $59
  2. Karlsson Mr White wood wall clock, $154.90
  3. Carly tartan blanket scarf, $59
  4. Tillsammans Vi 3 cushion cover, $89
  5. Bike picnic bag for two, $69.95
  6. Melbourne coffee snob tea towel, $27
  7. Vintage anchor coffee mug, $22.50
  8. Pantone 9-cup coffee maker, $69.95
  9. Limited edition Lexon Tykho AM/FM radio, $149.90
  10. Tyler wooden sunglasses, $139.95
  11. Smiley face tote bag, $45


(Not to be confused with The Tiger Mother.)

Ferociously protective and fiercely proud of their families, lion mums get the greatest joy from being surrounded by their loved ones and knowing that they’re safe. They’re enormously supportive and not remotely shy about celebrating their family’s successes; equally when it comes to not-so-shining moments, there’s no one better to have in your corner to pick you up, dust you off and remind you of EXACTLY who you are.

If she could hang a coat of arms above the front door, she would – so personalised art (and jewellery, meaning she’ll always has family mementos around her) will always go down a storm. Equally, anything that helps create a warm, nurturing, nesting home atmosphere will hit the ‘thoughtful gift’ nail on the head when you’re buying for a lion mum.

Soft, nurturing, but hurt her children and she'll destroy you.
Soft, nurturing, but hurt her children and she’ll destroy you.
  1. Bubushka doll A3 print, $35
  2. Moye cashmere stole in taupe, $119
  3. Sterling silver & bronze tree of life pendant, $140
  4. I’ll always be with you engraved vintage locket, $89
  5. Tango wool blanket, $155
  6. Ibride Margot lion tray, $245
  7. Umbra clothesline shadowbox photo frame, $59.95
  8. Lion stud earrings, $49.95
  9. Rick Stein casserole dish, $49.95
  10. Home is where my mum is tea towel, $24.95
  11. Wooden-wick candle, $39.95
  12. Iconic Melbourne directions teapot, $75


…which sort of makes her sound like Fun Bobby from Friends – but that’s not what we’re implying AT ALL.

The life and soul of the party mum has an open door policy for her home – friends are always welcome. A social and neighbourhood hub, this mum is an extrovert extraordinarily skilled at bringing people together and making them feel at home. She’s always ready to crack open the wine, put a pot of coffee on while she whips up some cheese scones, or host a proper dinner party. And whatever she does is laid-back and relaxed, with laughter as the soundtrack. For a mum like this, who can always make it stretch to accommodate another guest, another set of plates (or wine carafe, beautiful coffee cups, serving platter – you get the gist) is always going to be a warmly welcomed gift.

Gift ideas for mums who are the life and soul of the party.
The wine’s always chilled and there’s plenty of puttanesca sauce in the freezer.
  1. Etched argent Champagne glasses (set of 6), $78
  2. Wine lovers tea towel, $22.46
  3. Mexican talavera coaster (set of 4), $79
  4. Contratto ready-to-hang canvas, from $320
  5. Black silk party dress, $198
  6. The park cotton napkins (set of 4), $29.95
  7. Silicone ice ball makers (2 pack), $33.95
  8. Wine diver porcelain & cork stopper, $29.95 each
  9. Wine and punch bowl with ladle, $199
  10. Large bamboo platter, $47.97
  11. Cat plywood wine holder, $55

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