Blogger Hipster Mum has post-bump style covered
What happened when guest blogger Jade from Hipster Mum was tasked with putting together her easy style picks from hardtofind’s fashion and accessories collections…

Relaxed style for on-the-go mums

Hola! My name is Jade, I’m a writer, blogger, founder of Hipster Mum and mum to six children both natural and adopted from all around the world. Oh wait! That last one’s not me, it’s Angelina Jolie. I always get the two of us confused… Anyways, on my blog you’ll find a creative guide to parenting in style. Swing past Hipster Mum on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and say hello sometime!

Jade from Hipster Mum (she's the one on the right)
Jade from Hipster Mum (she’s the one on the right)

My picks for easy, comfy style

As a mum with two kids, I’m finally at that stage in life where I’ve got some things down. Things like opening little fruit cups without spilling the juice everywhere and changing a nappy while maintaining a steady phone call with the tax office. But one thing I haven’t quite mastered? Smart, comfy, easy style for working around the house (aka what some people call being a stay-at-home mum).

Dressing for the office? Easy – I’ve got a cupboard full of shirts and skirts. Dressing for sleepy Sunday? Cinchy – trackies plus hoodie equals done. But when it comes to chilling-on-the-couch-but-we-might-head-to-a-café-later gear – I’m hopeless!

With that in mind, I made it my mission to source the missing pieces of my smart-casual style puzzle from hardtofind. And, I have to say, I’m pretty chuffed. Pull any piece for a mum below and she’ll score something that’s not only super practical, but will also see her cool cred rocket about 317 percent, too.

Hipster Mum's top 10 fashion picks
Hipster Mum’s top 10 fashion picks
  1. Pink pompom scarf, $110 (down from $139)
    For every woman who’s ever obsessed over Scandinavian style (read: all of us) a delightful, pompomed scarf from Dutch brand POM Amsterdam is a winner.
  2. Leather wallet in leopard, $59
    Mum’s wallet sure gets a workout! This one’s touchable texture will reduce her ‘rummaging in bag time’ to zero. Win.
  3. Wooden sunglasses, $145
    So cool and colourful, no one will even notice the bags underneath…
  4. Metro umbrella, $80
    Newsflash: it gets really, really, really wet in Sydney sometimes.
  5. Leather iPad wallet, $130
    iPad covers with diamanté and fur and glitter and pearls? Well, they’re for girls. iPad covers in exquisite butter-soft leather and that’s it? Well, they’re for women.
  6. Bamboo leggings, $39.95
    No mum can ever own enough black leggings. Fact.
  7. Leopard black rubber wellies, $149.99
    Did I mention how it rains in Sydney?
  8. White dots and black leather watch, $109.50
    No one told me this, but you really need a watch as a mum. There are so many places you have to be at specific times, and checking your phone really isn’t an option when you’re carrying the laundry, recycling, iPad and a thousand bags of groceries.
  9. Black stripe tote bag, $29.95
    For a mum with little bubs it’s the perfect baby bag (hello, waterproof lining!) and for mums with older kidlets it’ll see her to the gym, farmer’s market and then some. She’ll love it so much consider grabbing two.
  10. Woven childproof bracelet, $69.95
    Necklaces can get pulled by little fingers. Rings can catch on delicate skin. These chic silicone bracelets promise all of the polish with none of the pitfalls.

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