An artsy-mum’s Mother’s Day wishlist

Our Content Producer Isabel, on the challenges of buying for a modest mum (and the joys of getting it right). Shaz – her aforementioned mum – shares what she’d most like to see under the wrapping paper this Mother’s Day. BLOG_intro

My delightful and vibrant mother, Sharon or if you’re lucky, Shaz is the hardest person to buy for – and I rate myself a pretty proficient gift-giver. The problem is that she is better: gift-giving is in fact her ‘gift’. She remembers everyone’s birthdays and never leaves anyone off her Christmas list – which is normally completed by November. She isn’t an extravagant person, nor is she vain or a big-spender so simply buying her something expensive doesn’t cut it. The only thing my mum ever really splurges on is shoes, and even then they are usually on sale (as she regularly reminds my father). Whenever mum opens a gift, you never feel as though she likes it. She’s modest and giving and receiving compliments doesn’t always come naturally to her. But when I do get her something really special, she always makes sure that I know how much it means to her. There is no better feeling than getting Shaz a gift she loves.

The facts

MY MUM TAUGHT ME to be self-differentiating. And it’s OK it to wear lime green pants.

MY MUM LOVES tea, travelling and proving Dad wrong.

MUM IS REALLY GOOD AT sewing. She is extremely creative – she designed their retirement home!

MUM’S PERFECT MOTHER’S DAY is waking up to her three children climbing into her bed bearing cards and presents. We always bring her cup of tea to have in bed – but never a full breakfast

Word on my mother

She’s never let anyone cramp her style. She’s super friendly and kind, but strong and sure of herself. Creativity comes naturally to her – in her former life she was a graphic designer –  so no matter what she does it flows out: birthday party ideas and invitations, sewing clothes for us as kids or even our school assignments (which she only ‘helped’ with, of course). Her tastes are very original, so she likes quirky and unique gifts. It’s better for a gift to be worth more in sentimentality than dollars.

Gifts that would make Shaz’s day

Hint hint, Isabel: “I love buying (and receiving) shoes so I have my eye on the Nile blue leather sandals. Shoes are a little luxury I indulge in. I also love receiving small items like fancy hankies, talcum powder and fragrant soaps.”

  1. Cape poncho in winter white$340
  2. Mint green doily earrings$26
  3. Oilcloth tablecloth in hydrangea navy, $94.95
  4. Customised vintage map letter$35
  5. Nile blue leather sandals, $99.99
  6. Liberty hankie bundle, $42.30
  7. Dragonfly PJ set, $109
  8. Liberty hankie bundle, $42.30
  9. Clownia wool beanie, $45
  10. Sewing & knitting glasses case$29.95

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