An action hero-mum’s Mother’s Day wishlist

Art Director Hattie on what to get the mum who can do everything (except make picture-perfect biscuits).

hardtofind Hattie's mum, Bron

Word on my mother

Mum takes life by the tea bags, which is strange because she only ever brews with loose leaves… anyway, when she’s not playing bridge, kayaking across the harbour, practising her charleston in the kitchen or accompanying my brother to their Wednesday night art class, she is perfecting her tight hospital corners. Her bed-making skills are second-to-none, which we think is an important skill in the mum-arsenal (especially as her cakes resemble biscuits and her biscuits resemble… well, puddles).

She’s easy to buy for and gifts are welcomed with her trademark smile. In a nod to her wild twenties, Mum likes to jazz up her uniform of man-style shirts and skinny jeans with hippy-inspired scarves and earrings, so swathes of tasselled silk and jangly silver are perfect gifts. Additions to her market basket collection are always welcome, too.

The facts

MY MUM TAUGHT ME to laugh at myself. And how to make a great cup of tea.

MY MUM LOVES solid chitchat, salty chips and a tightly made bed.

MUM IS REALLY GOOD AT dancing. She’s always the first on the d-floor.

MUM’S PERFECT MOTHER’S DAY is having lunch with the family.

Gifts that would make Bron’s day

Hint hint, Hattie: “I like the Loy shirt. Shirts are a staple in my wardrobe and I love the relaxed look of this one.”

What HTF Hattie's mum Bron wants for Mother's Day

  1. Cutlery round tray in sky blue, $105
  2. Iconic Directions teapot, $75
  3. Pure linen quilt set, $450
  4. Carnival cotton scarf in blue, $59
  5. Mighty purse in powder blue, $114.95
  6. Swarovski pearl earrings in white, $35
  7. Royal Flush deck of cards, $27.95
  8. Apothecary large amber glass candle, $74.95
  9. Open weave basket in large, $75
  10. Loy shirt, $239

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