Deck the table: three ways to dress the Christmas table

It might be the last thing on your mind, behind presents, the tree and the all-important Christmas feast, so we’ve done the thinking for you with fabulous ways to dress the Christmas table. While the ham or turkey normally takes centre stage, a nicely decorated table will make the occasion that little bit more special. Whether you’re entertaining just immediate family, the extended family, or the entire neighbourhood, we’ve come up with three themes to suit your occasion.

Christmas table

Neutral theme

Here at htf HQ, we’re fans of a neutral colour palette, especially for a relaxed but elegant Christmas gathering. Natural tones make this a classic theme. Think a neutral-coloured linen tablecloth or placemats paired with white crockery and wooden servingware.

  1. ‘Monogram’ table linen, $369.95
  2. ‘Hemingway’ placemats (set of 6), $132
  3. ‘Zinnia’ table top set, $110
  4. ‘Birch’ placemats (set of 8), $59.90
  5. ‘Lineal’ placemat, $12.95
  6. Wooden paddle spreaders (set of 3), $19.95
  7. Rick Stein dinner plate, $14.90
  8. ‘The entertainer’ bamboo servingware, $120
  9. Silver tea towels (set of 3), $36
  10. Traditional Christmas pudding, $57

Christmas table

Colourful theme

Who doesn’t love a bit of colour? If there are kids involved at your gathering this Christmas, bright hues for the Christmas table are the way to go. Colourful melamine plates will guard against accidental drops, while glass markers are the perfect way to make sure everyone knows which glass is theirs. And of course, you can’t forget about bon bons. You’ll need lots of bon bons!

  1. Tiny ‘rainbow’ garland, $29.95
  2. Felt ball Christmas tree, $49.95
  3. Candlestick candles, $29.95
  4. Ceramic bowls, $34.95
  5. Large servers in bright green, $50
  6. ‘Lip’ glass markers, $12.95
  7. Christmas crackers in polka dot, $40
  8. Melamine plates (set of 4), $61.95
  9. ‘Santa Tomte’ decorations (set of 3), $70
  10. Helbak Skala medium bowl, $65

Christmas table

Metallic theme

For a more refined Christmas affair, a subtle metallic theme will be very well received. Gold and silver are classic Christmas tones. Think candles and vases for centrepieces, while a personalised vintage spoon makes a lovely keepsake for guests.

  1. ‘Moose’ cookie bowl, $85
  2. ‘Christmas beetle’ linen napkins (set of 4), $48
  3. The Royal Silver Collection round tray, $169.95
  4. ‘Angel chimes’ candle holder, $39
  5. ‘Golden stag’ canape picks (pack of 12), $20.95
  6. Personalised Christmas vintage spoon, from $37
  7. Silver Christmas timber vases (set of 4), $85
  8. French water carafe with 4 glass tumblers, $59
  9. ‘Wee Willie Winkie’ candleholder, $42
  10. ‘Gold dots’ linen napkins (set of 4), $48
  11. Silver salad servers, $75

 For more table decorating ideas, shop our Christmas table collection here

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